On Alchemical Items: Jasper Catagamma of Aegis

Happy Holidays everyone! Some Mineral Alchemy today!

Jasper Catagamma of Aegis
BSC:0%(R)gp:900 gp
DC:28TTC:4 days days
CC:12CGP::200 gp
NWP:-9XP:100 xp
D100:-25%Weight:- / 20
D6:0 in 6 / 7Difficulty:Formidable

MaterialsJasper (200 gp value), Rare Earths (4 drams), Powdered Platinum (5 drams) Bulette Shell/Armor (8 drams),
Description: When this catagamma is rubbed into the skin, it acts as shield that absorbs damage. It will reduce damage by 2 points per die, until a total of 80 points of damage has been absorbed (DR 2/- for a total of 80 points) or six turns have passed, whichever occurs first.

Rules are here.


  1. I love these and I'm really looking forward to your Alchemy supplement! Any word on when it'll be out?


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