On A Sad Sad Day for the Meleagridinae Bird

The sad sad day of the sad sad bird.

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy that you weren't raised in a tiny cage and slaughtered without warning at the whim of giant pink worm people!

If you are the giant fleshy worms, enjoy the flesh of all the various inferior species that aren't smart enough not to be raised in a cage!

Also: Enjoy American decadence! It's all ending soon anyway, so, so long I hope that 58" 69" 72" 96" 112" plasma TV was worth it!

Hope you can figure out that you're giving away the power because you think you don't have it before it's too late!

And be sure to stop by your local overlords store tonight (!) and tomorrow to give money to foreigners that are forcing our countrymen to work on this holiday celebrating our country!

(More on skills next week starting on Sunday night! Have a happy and safe holiday everyone! Love your family and take the time to oppress a couple of orcs or commit genocide against an endangered species like a dragon!)

Any similarities to political views in the above post are due to eye jelly gremlins that are secretly making you insane. Do not pay any attention to the wizard behind the internet. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!


  1. Have a double-plus-good Turkey Genocide Day as well! 

  2. Did you just find some unusual glasses, -C?



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