On The End Of All Things

Tonight at Midnight, Dragonborn will step into the 4th age; where the prophecy of the return of Alduin the World Eater has been fulfilled!

The World Will End!



  1. Heh. A little forced, but dope nonetheless. Bring it! (Looking forward to Skyrim.)

  2. It's also Pepero Day here in Korea (Pocky Day in Japan).

    Pepero/Pocky being a cookie stick coated in chocolate. Looks kinda like a "1" so Lotte sells tons of them every November. Got a box of em from a student sitting right next to my netbook as I type this!

  3. Skyrim has killed the role playing blagospore.

  4. It actually did, I've been playing pretty non-stop for the last week.

    My girlfriend is sick of watching me play. (She still loves it though).


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