On the Blogos, Something You Might Know? (A Mystery)

Have you heard of the valley? The Valley of Blogos?

It is a small valley filled with modest unassuming people who have a secret. 

What is this secret?

At various times thoughout the day, these people enter their homes, or rest at work, and their spirits leave their bodies and inhabit the strange realms within the valley.

The Forest

A great many of them enter the forest, (the Rologo Plagos Gados forest) and animate one of the many great spider husks that rest within it's depth. The crawl among the net like webs seeking to trap passerbys.

The forest is one of the larger of the realms.

If you were to explore it, you would be accosted by the voice of those inside. They would cluster and loudly say that you were a failure. They would gladly converse with you, their mandibles trembling with joy, responding in a vague manner about why you have become such a failure, but you would find it impossible to discover the reason why.

They would gladly tell you what is wrong with you, and a hundred other dwellers in the Valley of Blogos, and will gladly tempt you with more of your failings the longer you seek to engage them.

The Highlands

Among the Highlands, near the Forge Mountain, dwell the independent RoEddwarian birds. With long spindly legs that barely seem to support their weight they caw to each other every day.

They are quite welcoming to many a happy man if you were to walk among them, but there is a danger. They will tell you of the Wubjubwuckle, the Marzineer, and the Flipperwhat. They speak of the Undlemorka, and it's chained factors, Dundle and 4 Sauiteb.

If you ask about the Wubjubwuckle, they will tell you it's like the yupple equinox factor, but maybe influenced by Rewrew theory. Asking about the yupple equinox, refers you to the illju event, which covers the formation of Marzineer and the Flipperwhat.

They will then explain, that truly, until now you have been unhappy, but that they can tell you how to be happy. Only if you understand the whole model of the Wubjubwuckle, the Marzineer, and the Flipperwhat, then you can know how to be happy, and why you weren't before.

The more you ask about these things, the less they seem to tell you, and yet the more comfortable you become, until you look down at your long spindly legs and your beautiful feathers and decide to never do the things that once brought you such joy. You shake you head at all the people who have never had the joy of the yupple equinox, for just like you, they were not happy before.

The Southern End

Long ago, a dragon lived near the southern end, and his magic seeped into the land. The very stones themselves came to life, at the foot of where the dragon lived.

The stones converse with themsleves in blissful ignorance. If you were to approach, you would encounter them engagine in surprising activities with great vigor and joy. If you were to leave and come back at any point in the future, a day, a year, or a decade, you would be astonished to find these same stones engaged in these same activities.

They will gladly ask you to join, for as they play, the rocks crack and fall apart. Each season fewer and fewer rocks appear. But when you join them, beware, for things were best when the great dragon Gyryagarologax once lived, and to suggest otherwise is one of the few things that can cause every stony stare in the Southern End to turn in your direction. It is often said that anyone who does not return from the southern end did not return because they did something so foolish.


Perhaps it is best to stay in the valley of Blogos, perhaps there are mighty reasons why one would not want to leave. There are those who say the valley of blogos is pompus and vain, but they remain free in ways many others do not.


  1. Far better to disappear into exploration of the fabled frontiers of Pornanza, whose Amazons and Nymphs desire to fulfill every carnal desire, all in exchange for a few unimportant numbers printed upon a laughably flimsy card within my pocket. Virgins, whores, fancy boys; whatever your taste, it resides in Pornanza!

    (love your post, BTW)


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