On Sample Hoards

From older adventurers, current players would be mindful not to read.

Exhibit A:On a Mabden (primitive cannibal) hoard: Several of the degenerates are wearing facial piercings. Each is worth approximately 10 gold and there are 80 of them. Each carries a small leather pouch carrying 9d10 silver, 9d10 gold and 2d10 platinum. There is a rose cut jade, studded with hematite worth 1200gp in the table drawer. Each Mabden is wearing furs (primarily gnoll) worth 20gp each. There is a square table with 4 sides, made from stone, carved by the Zunel worth 1000 gp. It weighs 400 lbs and is bulky. The table has 4 drawers, one is stuck and contains the above gem. There are also 8 stone chairs, carved by the Zunel, each worth 150gp, and weighing 60lbs.

Exhibit B:The treasure is "loose". On a podium carved from glowstone (200gp/60lbs) sits a book with slate and leather covers, being an illustrated manuscript in Zunel 450 pages long on the division of creativity into categories worth 1100gp, A small opaque jet sphere resting beside a small opaque trapezoidal solid with a spherical depression. When the sphere is inserted into the depression, lights dance and haunting music is emitted. it is worth 3900gp. There is an ornate gold throne in this room with velvet upholstery and inlaid with brass. The throne is small but made from solid gold weighing approximately 500 lbs. worth 33,000gp total. The throne is decorated with ~50 cut rubies, 20 worth 50gp, 30 worth 100gp, and 1 worth 1000gp. Removing them from the throne does not alter their value, but lowers the value of the throne by 20,000 gp. There is a green vicious potion of polymorph self, an plain brass ring of hefty healing, and a slate rod with a crystal chain and spiked ball that feels cold to the touch (morning star -1).

More to come on the process of generating this treasure soon.


  1. As always, very inventive. I love the sense of history that these give. They aren't just random treasures, they have a story.

  2. Pretty evocative. I like the facial piercings idea, I'd never have thought of that.


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