On Magic Weapon: A Table part III

I don't always give my magic swords a purpose, but when I do, I use the table below.

  1. Defeat diametrically opposed alignment*
  2. Defeat Good*
  3. Defeat Evil*
  4. Defeat Law*
  5. Defeat Chaos*
  6. Defeat Neutrality*
  7. Slay Clerics
  8. Slay Druids
  9. Slay Shamans
  10. Slay Paladins
  11. Slay Monks
  12. Slay Fighters
  13. Slay Rangers
  14. Slay Barbarians
  15. Slay all warriors
  16. Slay Wizards
  17. Slay Magic Wielders
  18. Slay Thieves
  19. Slay Bards
  20. Slay all Rogues
  21. Slay Devas (movanic, monadic and astral)
  22. Slay Planetars
  23. Slay Solars
  24. Slay Devils
  25. Slay Demons
  26. Slay Daemons
  27. Slay all Celestial Beings
  28. Slay all Demonic Beings
  29. Slay Neutral Outsiders
  30. Slay all Ousiders
  31. Slay Dragons
  32. Slay Avians
  33. Slay Reptiles
  34. Slay Amphibians
  35. Slay Fae
  36. Slay Giants
  37. Slay Non-humanoid Monsters
  38. Slay Humans
  39. Slay Elves
  40. Slay Dwarves
  41. Slay Gnomes ("I call upon the power of 4e!")
  42. Slay Goblins
  43. Slay Orcs
  44. Slay Gnolls
  45. Slay Hobgoblins
  46. Slay Vermin
  47. Slay Undead
  48. Slay Golems
  49. Slay Monster*** 
  50. Slay Demi-human**
  51. Slay Humanoid**
  52. Slay Insectoid Monsters
  53. Slay all Aquatic Creatures
  54. Slay all Flying Creatures
  55. Slay Magic using Monsters
  56. Slay Monstrous Plants
  57. Slay Psionic Creatures
  58. Slay Intelligent Undead
  59. Slay Bizarre Monsters (Aberrations)
  60. Slay Constructs
  61. Slay Subterranean Monsters
  62. Slay Subterranean Humanoids
  63. Slay Shapchangers
  64. Slay Swarms
  65. Slay Elementals (Any creature with an elemental link)
  66. Acquire Gold
  67. Win Duels
  68. Slay for Profit
  69. Destroy Spellbooks
  70. Conquer Kingdoms
  71. Enforce Justice
  72. Seek Knowledge (of a certain type, DM selects)
  73. Defend Group (of a certain type, DM selects)
  74. Slay Friends
  75. Control/Influence Men (roll again for reason)
  76. Oppress/Imprison Humanoids/Demi-Humans (specific type)
  77. Garner Fame
  78. Cause/Seek War
  79. Destroy Specific Culture/People
  80. Seek Honor ****
  81. Seek Truth (Cannot Lie)****
  82. Avoid Honesty (Cannot Tell the Truth)****
  83. Destroy Religion
  84. Seek Travel 
  85. Defend Location (DM Selects - Note this could have implications for the campaign)
  86. Become King (or at the side of the King)
  87. Spread/Enforce Religion(DM Selects)
  88. Destroy Wealth
  89. Destroy Objects (Caravans, Castles, etc.)
  90. Avoid Violence 
  91. Gain Friends (Power of Heart!)
  92. Destroy Technology
  93. Experience/Gain Pleasure (vicariously)
  94. Prevent or Cause Event (DM Selects - End of World, Docking of Ships, whatever)
  95. Slay Any (DM Selects)
  96. Slay Sentient (Souldrinker)
  97. Slay All (Lifedrinker)
  98. Roll Twice
  99. Roll Three Times
  100. Roll Twice Times and +1 bonus power
* Will be able to detect type
** Pick one native to your campaign, or have them slay all demi-humans/humanoids
*** Pick a common deadly monster (Medusa, Basilisk, Giant Spider, etc.)
**** Roll again (1-50) for purpose
Note: Use the above as a guide to determine special powers.
Roll a 1-6 for an alignment based sword
Roll d100 and divide by 2 for a 'basic' magic sword type.
Roll d100 for a weird or powerful purpose
Note that alignment can influence the above purposes (an evil sword that 'acquires gold' may take it from anyone, but a good/lawful sword may take it from the rich)

Parts I and II.


  1. The Most Interesting Chart in the World!

  2. Slay ALL rogues; I had to laugh.

    93 was a good one. What better way to get that hero build a craving for violence as he cuts down his next mook?


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