On the Magic Armor: A Table Part II

Part I is here.
Magical Weirdness and qualities. Roll 1d20, on a 12 or higher, roll on the table below:

1-10)   Aura (roll color)
11-20) Always spotless
21-25) Chimerical (appears as normal clothing when worn)
26-30) Light (weighs half normal)
31-35) Weightless (has no weight at all)
36-40) Comfortable (does not feel like wearing armor)
41-45) Brilliant design (easy to get in and out of armor)
46-48) Armor has a scent (roll scent)
49-50) Armor makes a noise (roll noise)
51-52) Armor appears greasy or slick
53-60) Armor is crafted in the form of an animal head (roll animal)
61-63) Armor is crafted with many protrusions (roll protrusion)
64)      Armor is cool to the touch
65)      Armor is warm to the touch
66)      Armor is heavy and bulky
67-68) Armor is translucent
69-75) Armor is an unusual color (roll color)
76-77) Armor is surrounded by substance (roll substance)
78-79) Armor exudes substance (roll substance)
80)      Armor only provides partial coverage (grill, cage, etc.)
81-90) Armor is engraved with symbols (roll symbols)
91)      Armor is stylish
92)      Armor is fluid looking/malleable
93)      Armor appears as if it is constantly moving
94-96) Armor is highly reflective
97)      Armor appears blurred
98)      Armor contains liquid
99)      Roll two times
00)      Roll three times

  1. White
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Black
  5. Green
  6. Red
  7. Purple
  8. Rose
  1. Lion
  2. Wolf
  3. Snake
  4. Bird
  5. Cat
  6. Dog
  7. Fox
  8. Dragon/Other mythical beast
Substance Noise
  1. Motes
  2. Dust
  3. Wind
  4. Steam
  5. Smoke
  6. Leaves
  1. Squeek
  2. Thunder
  3. Rustling
  4. Tone
  5. Hum
  6. Grinding
  1. Religious Symbols
  2. Runes
  3. Skulls
  4. Plants
  1. Spikes
  2. Blades
  3. Teeth
  4. Saws
  1. Musky- perfumes/aftershave
  2. Putrid- rotten eggs
  3. Pungent- vinegar
  4. Camphoraceous- mothballs
  5. Ethereal- dry cleaning fluid
  6. Floral- roses
  7. Pepperminty- mint gum

Of course you may roll on all, some or none of these tables and just pick. Randomizes have been provided to complete generate a random weapon or just get an idea and use it as a creative tool.


  1. The link to part 1 isn't showing up at the start of the post.

  2. We must have just missed each other.


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