On the Requested Map of Dreams

Is this not the map you sought?

Ckutalik, of the Cantons on Hills, this is for you.

(It is an example of each six mile hex the party will explore. Now that inking is done, colored pencils will happen in the future.)


  1. Just ... wow. And how many of those hexes are you going to draw?

  2. Lots? It takes maybe a few (6?) hours to draw, and about twice that long to stock with sites and a wandering encounter list, and provides about three months of play. ;-p

  3. Why so modest? Seriously as is written on my favorite bag of Mexican cheeto-rip offs: Que Awesome.

    I have been trying to teach my hand how to do those complicated Raisz contours with mixed results. Even that has been a great way to jazz up my hand-drawn maps, your own technique here is quite good.

  4. Wow. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.


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