On One Page Magic Item Costs

I'll just leave this here.


  1. Not that the table needs much explanation, but the arrows pointing to the right are players selling the items, and the arrows to the left are players buying them.

    Selling a found magic item, gives you the listed book price, selling a crafted one (since you can guarantee the pedigree) nets you double the listed price. Both of these require that you seek a buyer which can take months. To sell a used item, or one that you purchased from a vendor, or when you need to get rid of it quick, you will receive half the sale value of the item.

    When Acquiring an item if you craft it (with the appropriate formula) it will cost you half it's book value in price. Crafted items only cost 1/3 their book value. To purchase an item from the market, you will pay twice it's listed value or more! You may purchase crafting items from the market at their normal cost.

  2. Nice! I was always interested in using exotic parts of monsters for ingredients (like troll's blood for a healing potion, pixie dust for an invisibility potion, displacer beast hide for a displacer cloak, etc.). If players want to make some sort of item, you could have great fun in trying to find the right thing(s). Just need to figure out a simple way the 'value' of that ingredient would impact the cost.

  3. @Limpey, yeah, I've made several posts around trying to address that issue on various blogs and boards. It's also going to be a fairly major component in the Alchemy Document.

  4. Honestly I made it because I kept getting confused about what the price in the book actually represented.

  5. Hm .. here are the ones I could get at first glance ...

    Buy from the market, sell from the market. I also get sell found vs. crafted but not sure if that stacks on top of the market multiplier.

    Buy crafted ... that was a little hard to get, I guess it refers to buying the materials. But then what is "craft crafted" ..?

    Maybe what is needed is two sets of columns, one for the item's provenance, and one for the buyer/seller.

  6. Each is separate.

    The arrows aren't "buy" and "sell" they are "Acquire" and "Sell"

    First you have sales. Found objects go for their list price. Crafted objects, you can sell for 2x list (because you can guarantee their pedigree), and items bought at market, or used can sell for half their list.

    When you craft magic items, they cost 1/2 their book price in materials. The next line is for crafting _items_, not _magic items_.

  7. Gotcha. Makes more sense now - but also has me thinking about the right ratio of text to other stuff in one page rules.

  8. Ingenius. And I ain't talking about no King of Cornwall.


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