On the Interdimensional Invasion

A Annecetere and Cruori touched boar
Planetouched creatures are touched from energies that originate in the interdimensions.

There are five interdimensions:

Annecetere - plane of constant motion and change
Metallon - plane of dense order and mechanism
Cruori - Plane of blood and growth
Mintis - plane of knowledge and lightning
Skadus - plane of darkness and suffering

These are the crux, all matter in the inter-dimensional space rests somewhere between two or more poles of the crux.

How does this work?

Roll 2d6

1. Annecetere (nexus)
2. Metallon (machine)
3. Cruori (blood)
4. Mintis (mind)
5. Skadus (shade)
6. Roll Twice

Apply these templates depending on the results. If you get doubles, the creature is only affected by 1 plane, but double the effects. If you roll six, the creature will be affected by 3 planes.  if you roll double sixes the creature has a MMMMMMMONSTER SURGE, and gets all five applied. If you roll an attribute twice, double it up. For example 25% MR becomes 50% MR. Stats in () apply to 3.x games, stats before apply to old school games. All effects stack.

Any plane-touched creature applies the following.
+ 2 Hit Die
+ 1 on all damage rolls
- 4 on reaction rolls - will never be friendly, often hostile.
+4 to morale

  •  Gains Ultravision (Darkvision) out to 60'
  •  + 2 to all saving throws (gains Resistance 5 to elements)
  •  Immune to polymorph and petrification
  •  Roll on the following table 1d3 times
1. Creature gains useless feature from another animal type (scales, antlers, etc.)
2. Creature gains extra eyes. It adds + 2 to surprise rolls, only being surprised on a 1 in 10 and cannot be attacked from the rear (flanked)
3. Creature is albino or has a horrific appearance.
4. Creature is infected by an element and is partially made from fire (+ 1d6 fire damage on hits), ice (+2 AC), or plant matter (Regenerate 1 hp/round, not affected by poison, charm, sleep, paralysis and other enchantments). Creature resists element of the type it is infected by.
5. Creature has an additional (1d4) faces. If this is generated twice, creature is covered in faces
6. Creature has wings and gains a fly speed of 9" class D.

A Metallon influenced bear
  •  Gains Ultravision (Darkvision) out to 60'
  •  Magic resistance of 30%
  •  Movement reduced by 1/4.
  • Roll on the following table twice
 1. Creature is covered in metal plates. Improve armor class by 1-4.
 2. Creature can only be harmed by +1 or better magic weapons (DR 5/magic).
 3. Creature gains 1d4 HD.
 4. Creature does an additional +2 damage
 5. Creature gains immunity to disease, poison, sleep and charm

  • Creature becomes larger and has maximum hit points per hit die.
  • Creature does an additional +2 damage when it hits.
  • Roll 1d3 times on the following table
1. Increases size category (normal->large->huge). Add 1 HD and raise damage dice by 1 step (1d3->1d4->1d6->1d8->1d10->1d12->2d6)
2. Add additional arms. If creature has claw attack, double number of attacks
3. Add additional legs, increase movement by 50%
4. Creature has a additional head. It gains +2 to surprise rolls, only being surprised on a 1 in 10, and gains an additional bite attack if it has a bite attack.
5. Creatures regenerates 1/hp round
6. Creature gains a poison attack Save at +2. Each successive time this power is rolled, increase the difficulty of the save by 2. Determine randomly, 1. 15/5; 2.30/15; 3. Death/0; 4. Paralysis/0

  •  + 1 intelligence category
  • Creature becomes malicious and thrives on the pain and suffering of others
  • Roll 1d3 times on the following table
1. When struck the blood turns into a volatile element. Anyone in melee with the creature (within 5') takes 1d6 damage of an energy type (roll once for type), 1. Fire, 2. Cold, 3. Electricity, 4. Sonic, 5. Acid)
2. Creature can only be struck by + 1 or better weapons
3. Creature is able to fire an energy bolt that does 1/2 hit dice in d6 damage (i.e. a 4 hit die creature will do 2d6, round up). Roll randomly for energy type. (1. Fire, 2. Cold, 3. Electricity, 4. Sonic, 5. Acid). This bolt has a range of 6" (30') and is in addition to it's normal attacks. This can be used every 1d4 rounds.
4. Gain Magic Resistance 25% (SR 11+HD)
5. Creature gains the ability to speak. It uses this ability to make it's victims suffer in fear and horror.

  • Gains Ultravision (Darkvision) out to 60'
  • Movement increases 50%
  • Cold resistance (Cold Resistance 5+1 per hit die)
  • Creature surprises opponents 6 out of 10 times (-3 on opponents surprise roll)
  • Roll 1d4 times on the following table
1. One of it's attacks becomes charged with deadly energy. On any successful hit, make a save vs. death at +4 or die instantly, and rise as a random undead in 24 hours. Each addition time this is rolled increase the difficulty of the save by 2. (Fortitude DC 14)
2. Darkness at will.
3. Creature takes no damage on successful saves, and half on failed saves (evasion)
4. Creature becomes incorporeal taking only 1/2 damage from physical attacks
5. Creature makes all it's saves at + 2 ( + 2 Luck bonus to saves)
6. Creature's attack causes paralysis

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  1. This is an interesting take on the planes, it ditches the sort of "historical" derived approaches before and starts afresh, but with some recognizable elements. Nice.


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