The Invaders Arrive

One day a spider wanders too close to a rift in the dimensions, and something less wholesome wanders out.

(rolling 2d6. . .1 & 2)

Metal and Chaos tear the very essence of the spider and reform it into a planetouched spider.
Giant Spider
influenced by Annecetere & Metallon.
Alignment: CE
AC: 4
HD: 5+3
THAC0: 15
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-8+5
Move: 2" (Web 9")
SA: Poison (Type A); Ultravision 60'
SD: +2 to all saves; Immune to petrification/polymorph; extra eyes/surprise;
Size: L (6'-8')
Magic Resistance: 30%
Morale: 17

Description: Jagged metal spikes protrude from this beasts mouth, and eyes run the length of it's body.

Combat: The extra eyes cause it to only be surprised on a 1 in 10, and prevent anyone from gaining any bonuses to a rear attack.

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