On the Vagaries of Fate

The Names and Fates of each of of the starting characters in our DCC Playtest:

Group one
  • Sham the Pious, Dwarven Miner: Killed by fire while covered in oil
  • Higgens the Honest, Halfling Trader: Killed by a henous vortex issuing from the mouth of an ancient god.
  • Zak the Lion, Human Locksmith: Speared by Kobold
  • Spoag the Deed-Doer, Dwarven Blacksmith: Killed by crushing dragon's maw trap
  • Pennington, the Human Herder: Fell down stairs
  • Tavis the Accursed, Elven Forester: Falling to ground in net trap with bugbear
  • Byron the Belligerent, the Human Hunter: Mauled by a wild dog
  • Goodman the Simple, The Human Woodcutter: Mauled by a wild dog
  • Russ, son of Nickle the Grim, Human Blacksmith: Death from raven poison
  • Curtis the Magnanimous, Human Fortuneteller: Killed by Kobold spear
  • Gorgonmilk the Vain, Elven Sage: Killed by a spider
  • Blackrazor the Longshanks, Elven Forester: Killed by a crushing dragon's maw trap
  • Beedo the Tall, Human Hunter: Killed by Armored Skeleton
  • Finch the Affable, Human Jester: Survived
  • Cher, Human Guild Beggar: Survived
  • William the Human Wainwright: Survived
  • Chang, Human Rice Farmer: Survived
  • Stroh the Careless, the Human Woodcutter: Survived
  • Leroy the Human Herder: Survived
  • Maliszewski the Fat, Human Shaman: Survived
  • Gordon Strongarm, Halfling Vagrant: Survived
  • Balky, Human Herder: Survived
  • Rose the Picker: Dwarven Miner: Survived
Group 2
  • Lord Nelson, Human Cleric: Survived
  • Beedo the Cruel, Elven Artisan: Survived
  • Wilber, Human Armorer: Slain by a Raven
  • Goodman the Accursed, Human Wheat Farmer: Survived
  • Zak the Fat, Human Ditchdigger: Survived
  • Thyme the Tough, Human Turnip Farmer: Survived
  • Vibora, Human Parsnip Farmer: Survived
  • T-rex, Dwarven Miner: Died to a minotaur cleave. (Note, had a 3 Strength)
  • Tavis the Affable, Human Woodcutter: Critically hit by a flaming firebrand thrown by a Minotaur while covered in oil.
  • Carisse, Human Rutabaga Farmer: Speared by Kobolds
  • Kendra the Simple, Human Herder: Speared by Kobolds
  • Bing the Human Blacksmith: Death by Raven
  • Russ, Son of Nickle the Pale, Human Gravedigger: Killed by Kobolds.
  • Gorgonmilk the Bold, Human Corn Farmer: Crushed by Skeletal glaive
  • Blackrazor the Deed-Doer, Human Mercenary: Killed by Lizard King on Giant Spider with glaive.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool post. The idea that PCs are totally expendable and not expected to survive is quite unusual. Some of the deaths sound so awesome that it's worth losing the character just to play it:
    "Tavis the Affable, Human Woodcutter: Critically hit by a flaming firebrand thrown by a Minotaur while covered in oil."
    Others sound just humiliating:
    "Pennington, the Human Herder: Fell down stairs"
    Please tell me those stairs were somehow trapped....


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