On The Thursday Trick, A Tricky Pit

A pair of more traditional traps this week.

Tricky Pit (Mechanical, Melee/Ranged Attack, Pit)

Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate Effects: N/A
Save:NoneDuration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Disarm

Description: The hallway contains an obvious hazard ahead, most likely a pit. The stone should be of a different kind or style, and clearly indicates there is some sort of pit or deadfall. Select whatever type of lid you wish, but the presence of a pit should be obvious.

The pit of course, is simply a 10' depression easily traversed. Anyone traveling by pitons on the wall (or on ledges if you are so kind to provide them) will be surprised by the eruption of spikes, arrows, spears or darts from the walls. Anyone jumping over the pit upon landing on the other side, will discover the same welcome on the ceiling, or possibly even his doom if the ceiling collapses.

Of course at the bottom of the pit, there is a pressure plate to disarm the trap. Or possibly a lever. Perhaps if you're not feeling charitable, there should be no disarm mechanism at all.

Detection: The pit is obvious and will even be seen by someone running in the dark. The real trap is detected in more subtle ways. As with any missile/melee attack, the portal though which the attack emanates will be detectable in some manner. Testing the far surface with a large enough object will preemptively trigger the trap.

Tricky Pit (Magical, Melee/Ranged attack, Pit)
Trigger: Magical: Proximity  Effects:N/A
Save:NoneDuration: Instant
Resets: AutomaticBypass: Special

Description: This pit is as above, except the triggers, either on the side or the opposite surface are magical sensors that will teleport the player. Obviously there are any number of options for a teleport, but several entertaining options include above the obvious pit, or to a nearby hallway or corridor in front of an activated dart or arrow trap.

Detection: As above, anyone will be able to detect the pit. A thief should only be allowed to sense the magical sensors, but anyone should be able to see an object teleport if it hits the other side.

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