On A Resource You've Never Used Before

I've been playing though Baldur's Gate again. It truly is one of the best CRPG's ever. I've got a review of Dragon Age on the blog. The basic synopsis is that Dragon Age is a poor revisioning of Baldur's Gate.

The Game is essentially a Sandbox Hexcrawl. You clear each hex, covered in darkness. Each one has a variety of adventure sites, which you can explore at your leisure. You have a variety of party members collected from the various interesting personalities that you meet. Once in your party they share their opinions with each other, possibly even coming to blows if they are too different from each other.

It really stands as a signature masterpiece of gaming.

Conviently it's been modded in the several years since it's release, and there is a version on good old games that runs on modern computers. That plus the widescreen mod, plus a number of community bug fixes, makes it possibly the perfect computer game. There is even a mod that lets you play through the first game in the engine of the second allowing a seemless play experience as well as access to a variety of old school kits.

All of this is leading up to the resource that you've probably never used. When creating your character in Baldur's gate, you have the option of adding a custom portrait and picture. While bopping around, I found a site with custom portraits and pictures for Baldur's gate. With thousands of portraits, of a variety of fantasy races. Thousands.

Other then the fact that there are a lot of already recognizable faces in there from common fantasy paintings (Elmore, etc.), I am certainly going to use these images for the various NPC's that the party will come across in future games.


  1. This and Shadows of Amn are two of the finest games ever made. Masterpiece indeed.

    Thank you so much for the link. I have a jillion mods including ones that change scripts to allow different party combos, etc, but never saw this one.

  2. Well, it's useful for Tabletop also, as a huge database of NPC pictures.

  3. The sandbox/hexcrawl aspect is cool... the story is pretty terrible though. Would not say masterpiece except by comparison to some really bad games. There are actually several rather significant design negatives to the BG games, but I won't rain on your parade... they are undoubtedly fun, overall. I always loved making my own character portraits too. Had a huge collection of them, in fact.

  4. @Anonymous: Let's see, no name, slamming a hero's tale (mysterious father, twist at end) people still playing the game today, design negatives that aren't stated. . .


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