On Being Left Out

I had my housewarming the other day, and it was a nice affair. I enjoyed the time with about a dozen of my friends and the children enjoyed ransacking my apartment. But there were several people who I invited that were forced to cancel, or didn't attend.

It is difficult in life, to find time between work, kids, family responsibilities and obligations to do the things we enjoy. And I greatly appreciate the time that I do get to spend with the very many busy people in my gaming groups and such, but I have noticed a certain ennui among the people that I game face to face with.

Gaming has been, for many of them, just another obligation.

So my current idea is a little different.
Something a little more epic. 

Zak covered one revelation that occurred to me - that system is irrelevant. You could move a character back and forth between basic, S&W, Pathfinder, whatever, with little to no changes in the character sheet. System for the most part could even be left up to the player, if there weren't such a strong mechanical necessity for everyone at the same table to share a common rule-set.

My idea is not only that characters travel between games - but that the games themselves are linked within the same worldspace, Now, maybe your campaign is only accessible through spelljamming (or heaven forbid, wildjamming), the astral plane or whatever, but by tacit agreement in FLAILSNAILS they are all accessible to each other.

My idea is to make it explicit. My attempt will be to have the games I'm partially attached to in the Northwest Arkansas area, meet, and use microscope game in order to have the selected DM's create a world history (creating a shared setting, mythic artifacts, etc.) and allow each DM to set up certain adventure sites, NPC's, provinces and such.

You are not yet to the epic part.

Then we run the games we are normally running, but in each of the different games (Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays currently). Anyone can go anywhere where there is a DM for the setting. The focus will be on Domain play, so using some rules from ACKS, Chaotic PC fighters can have mighty hordes of beastmen, Paladins holy provinces, Thieves can run syndicates, Druids can create mighty holy groves, Priests use miracles to shape the land. Fighters can become mighty kings, Psionicists can create mighty crystal spires, Alchemists hidden research labs

And they don't stand just against one DM, but against many, as well as against the wills of many of the other players.

This is epic, but. . . I am unsure I will even see any of the people on Sunday I due to this ennui. It addresses (due to the freeform nature of the meets, and the freedom to visit other worldspaces) scheduling issues, for players that can play bi-weekly, or can't make every sunday. It is a return to the old forms.

It is a thing to get excited about. We'll meet this Sunday, and hopefully work out the details. The great thing is, either way this is going to happen. I much prefer gaming face to face, but if I can't garner enough local interest in this great thing, then I will take that time, and devote it to Consticon.


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