On the Might of Kings

I spent the night at my new apartment last night. The move is mostly completed.

The holdup was waiting on the activation of the internet services, of course.

So, I have illumination at the touch of a switch, hot and cold running water, devices to clean dishes and clothes in under an hour, a centralized control of the ambient temperature in the room, three different ways to heat and prepare food, a device that provides long term cold storage of food items to avoid spoilage, the ability to instantaneously call up thousands of entertainers and watch whatever plays or music that I wish, the ability to instantly contact my acquaintances by letter, voice, video, or the ability to visit them in virtual spaces, and machines that will allow me to play any game of my choosing, all instantly and without the assistance of servants.

I live better then kings of men did no more than 100 earth years ago.


  1. A thought that's occurred to me, from time to time. :)

    All that and D&D too!

  2. I suppose I should also mention, that at our current technology level, this type of thing is completely anomalous and unsustainable.

  3. A fascinating thought. It does help to put things in perspective.

  4. @ -C: Technology and Known Resources are constantly changing.

  5. Now to get that instant travel device I keep seeing advertised on the Sci-Fi channel.


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