On Which One Should I Choose?

So, Fight On is running a random table contest.

But which ones to submit?

There is a poll to the right - please help me decide which of these tables is best and vote!

Random Tables 

Edit: This is terrible! There was a poll up, but for some reason it has disappeared. Thank you blogger.

I've recreated the poll. Hopefully it will stay around this time. Please re-vote if you haven't.

Also, comments appear to have dissapeared from this post. Anyone know what's going on?


  1. I think you should devise a Random Table Table and then roll to determine which Random Table you submit.

  2. Are you able to submit more than one? If so, I say pick the two that make you the happiest and go for it. Rah. That's what my mom always says, Rah. So now I say it. Rah.

  3. I voted for Locks and Keys tables, because those are something different that I have encountered in my adventures this far. No idea what those tables do, but they are most interesting for me.

    Good luck!

    But Palette, you should listen to him. What would be better way to determine what random table you will use than making a random table for that. I seriously lolled.

  4. I re-submit my comment that the only proper course of action is to create a "Random Table" random table and then roll on it to determine which random table you enter.

  5. All of blogger was down since Wednesday. They did an update, and it broke the system. I'm not posting anything important until at least tomorrow.

  6. no kidding. 3 comments lost and the poll is down.

  7. I'd go for the Keys table, it's my favourite and the most useful to me.

  8. The keys table is pretty awesome, and I've never seen anything quite like it.


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