On At What Cost, Liberty?

Wherefore has our vigilance fled?

Blogger crashed over the weekend. They did an update and something was wrong, so they reset the blogosphere to Wednesday.

How much of the OSR would disappear - how much would be lost if it wasn't last Wednesday, but was instead last year?

I'm not the resident brain trust around here (that honor goes to the Jovial Priest) but I can tell you that I treat blogger like it's my own personal hard drive - thinking that once I've posted something I'll always be able to find and reference it.

I'll certainly be thinking about ways to duplicate my blogger data - any suggestions and discussions on what to do - on what you are going to do - are welcome.

I've re-posted my poll that was lost in the debacle. Please vote for which two tables I should submit.

Edit: A solution for the problem, posted by Lurking Rhythmically.


  1. You can backup/download your blog - something I do monthly.

  2. That's an interesting point. I lost one post, which fortunately I had composed in Word and still had the doc on hand to re-post it. I may just keep a continuous text copy in Word from now on -- though I don't know if this approach would be practical for people who post more, and more frequently, than I do.

  3. I was going to suggest the same thing that "Lurking Rythmically" suggested above. I've used this feature before to delete one blog and move the posts I wanted from the old blog to my new blog, so I know it works (or it did work at least once). I don't recall it comments were preserved but I think they were.

  4. I should add that in order for the 'backup' feature offered by blogger to work, you have to click to request a backup and designate a destination. It does not offer the feature of doing this automatically. One good thing about the crash and your subsequent post is that it reminded me to back up my blog.

  5. Click on Settings in your Dashboard, and the first option is Blog Tools. Click on Export Blog, and there you have it. Trust me, I'm using this baby from now on.


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