On A-Z

I'm doing this, though I'm not signing any silly list, nor using any graphic. If you don't know what April A-Z is,

Click here.

In other news, it will help keep posting volume up, since I'm going to be spending most of April working on cool stuff.

I'm not into external markers of allegiance. Not my thing.


  1. "external markers of allegiance"

    That line should go right under your blog title. ;)

    Bonus fun: Today's verification word is "oppres".

    Down with external markers of allegiance!

    Just funnin', of course.

  2. I'm doing this as well, but I need inspiration for today's post. lolz

  3. Okay. So we shouldn't include you in the list of RPG bloggers doing the A-to-Z Challenge so that people who've never heard of your blog can find your blog through the contest? There's no allegience required to be on our list, it's just a handy way to keep track of everyone who's taken up the challenge. We'll respect your wishes. If you change your mind, drop us a note at our blog and we'll add you, but not until we hear from you. We'll still read your posts if that's okay.

  4. Dude, there's 1007 on the list when I checked just now. How is anybody going to notice my blog in all of that?

  5. No--the list we're keeping for RPG blogs in the Challenge so we can find them without sifting through like a million weepy tales of romantic woe by the cat lady down the block. Go take a look at it Old School Heretic. We didn't fancy digging through what were then only hundreds of entries to find something interesting, so we started our own list just for RPG and miniatures bloggers. Not enough time in teh day to linger over the scent of cat piss wafting off of some biddy's blog about boredom or urban ennui...

  6. considering there aren't so many RPG bloggers doing this, we could all just follow each other :)

    I'm doing it, good luck to you sir!


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