On The Thursday Trick, Water Shock & Collapsing Floor Description

Water Shock (Restraints/Hazards)
Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate  Effects: Multiple Targets
Onset Delay
Save: None Duration: Varies
Resets: Automatic Bypass: Avoid

Description: While traversing the dungeon, a well or some sort of portal in the floor is spotted. A quick inspection shows that it leads down some distance before ending in what appears to be water. Anyone looking down in the hole does indeed see not only water, but the glint of something reflective in it. A per-existing rope or chain (chain being the preferred choice for reasons that become obvious shortly) that leads down into the room are optional, though helpful.

The room may be filled with treasure (not a bad idea considering the circumstances, along with the bones of at least a dozen bodies and their very waterlogged gear. At the bottom, the room is filled with perhaps 2 feet of water, certainly enough to let the party members, even the shortest of them, stand while they loot the room.

However, when the water is displaced, it triggers a gate that opens beneath the water a short number of rounds after the party enters the room (1 + the number of members of the party rounds later, to give them all time to get into the room). A number of very hungry electric eels then enter the room. Due to the high conductivity of this water, their electrical pulse will strike every party member within 10' of any eel that uses it. Since the room is a compact 20' x 20' it should leave the party a well cooked dinner for eels.

If anyone attempts to escape and a chain has been provided, remember that metal conducts electricity.

Detection: Investigation (clairvoyance, lowering a lantern) will indicate the pretense of lots of treasure, rusting metal and iron weapons and armor, and about a dozen corpses. The rope or chain appears stable and in good condition. (if the chain is of a base metal type, have the bottom bit be rusted).

The party may be wary about mucking around in several feet of water, and for good reason. Anyone who descends the chain and does not step on the floor will not trigger the eels, so that should allow them to receive a quick item or two. The floor contains approximately 800 cubic feet of water, so eliminating that (using either alchemy or perhaps divine magic) can also save the party from any threat of the eels.

Of course bypassing the room (and the treasure) is the safest option.

A bonus for missing last week:

The Collapsing Floor (Restraints/Hazards)
Trigger: Mechanical: Pressure Plate  Effects: Multiple Targets
Never Miss
Save: None Duration: Instantaneous
Resets: Never Bypass: None  (Avoid)

Description: This is your standard unstable floor. It requires only that there be open space below it. This could be the next dungeon level (or further) but this will indicate the distance the party member will fall. This is not a constructed trap, but a hazard of a decaying structure.

Detection: A dwarf should automatically get his check to detect this if it is in a dungeon or any sort of stone environment. Don't forget however that this occurs on roofs, ships, and upper floors of houses also. For those groups that fail their roll, or do not have a dwarf in the party (MADNESS!), the following are some signs and descriptions of collapsing floors. You can use these to insure the players have agency, without giving the trap away. Some description options to be inserted in with other detritus in the room are listed.
  • Bulges or warps in the floor. ("The slightly rounded floor holds. . . " "The concave surface of the room is. . . " "The dresser across the room leans oddly against the wall" etc.)
  • Cracks in the floor. ("trails of smoke (or dust) waft up through the floor" "The tile is patterned with ancient cracks.")
  • Extremes of temperature may cause a floor to collapse. ("a bitter chill, cold enough to freeze water emanates from the floor of this room.")
  • Sagging in the floors indicates collapse. ("Several pools of water (sand, dust) have collected on the floor of this room" or, if you're nice, ". . . have collected in depressions on the floor of this room")
Water shock is a trap originally in  Grimtooth's traps, a trademark of Flying Buffalo Inc. games.

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