On The Thursday Trick, Poison Pit Surprise

This is a favorite of mine, culled I think originally from Grimtooth's oh so long ago. Players should not read this.

Posion Pit, SURPRISE! (Pit)
Trigger: None  Effects: N/A
Save:Poison/AC Duration: Instant
Resets: Automatic Bypass: None

Description: Right there in the middle of the hallway sits a 20' deep pit. It's mouth yawns open, perhaps six feet across. At the bottom a number of rusty iron spikes, covered in a viscous slime that threatens all who fall in. (3d6 falling damage, 2d4 spikes, THAC0 12/BAB+8, 1d8 damage each, Save vs. Poison/Fort or die) However the hallway is quiet and there aren't any threats. Anyone looking in the pit, see that the sides have serrated edges covered in the same goop, making it somewhat unsafe looking to crawl down in the pit.

It seems a trivial task to just jump across the pit, and for all but the most heavy laden or clumsy it is. A short run and a hop will help anyone clear the pit. However, there is wall three-quarters of the way across the pit, hanging down to almost floor level. A wall that is invisible. The first person to attempt to cross the pit will smack right into this wall, and in shock fall down into the pit.


Detection: The easiest way to detect this this trap is to attempt to toss something across the pit before trying the jump. Anyone closely inspecting the terrain above the pit will see some visual distortion from the invisibility spell, but when have players ever inspected the air above a pit?

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