On The Thursday Trick, The Drum Guard

We have another trick, courtesy Roles, Rules, and Rolls Endless Bag of Tricks, by Roger S. G. Sorolla.
I'm playing around with his engine - it's a little complicated, but seems to work ok. I've been hewing pretty close to the table results, but it's definitely one of those things that's better if the table is just an inspiration or guide.

The Drum Guard (Special/Magic Devices)

Trigger: Mechanical: Interaction
Mechanical: Latch or Switch
Effects: Party
Save:None Duration: Special
Resets: Automatic Bypass: Special

Description: This is a statue of an Orc (or whatever humanoid type) playing a drum. The drum is a real drum but is held fast by the statue. In the center of the Orc's chest is a keyhole. Surrounding the statue are a variety of large stones.

If someone tries to remove the drum, they discover that the statue is loose. If they loosen the statue in an attempt to move it in any way, the whole statue is leans forward like a giant lever momentarily and giant centipedes (or appropriate minor vermin) come pouring out from underneath attacking everyone near the statue.

If any key is inserted into the key hole, it fits. If it is turned it is held in place as it unwinds making a terrible racket for 1 full round, drawing nearby wandering monsters. The players cannot retrieve the key until it is finished. The racket consists of both the drum being hit and a grinding noise that echos throughout the chamber.

The stones surrounding the statue are worked stone. Originally the statue reached the ceiling. Anyone with a combined strength of 14 who's willing to take the time, can reassemble the nearby stones, by placing them back where they once stood on top of the statue.. When this is complete, this will reveal a small chamber on the back of the statue. Within is a treasure (200 gold a level).

Detection: It's a statue of an evil humanoid carrying a drum, the player should be wary of triggering an alarm. Close inspection of the statue will reveal signs that the top is incomplete and the stones are worked stone.

And a bonus trick:

Don't touch the button! (Vents/Sprays)

Trigger: Mechanical: Latch or Switch  Effects: Multiple Targets
Gas or Liquid
Never Miss
Alchemical Device
Save: Breath Weapon Duration: Instant
Resets: Manual Bypass: Avoid

Description: Either over a door or on a nondescript wall there is a sign written in either an ancient or humanoid language. It points up and says DANGER, DO NOT TOUCH.

Above the sign is a ledge at least 8' off the ground. Anyone climbing up so that they can see the ledge will notice a small round nodule / knob in the center of the ledge.

Any attempt to move, spin, rub, or active the knob, opens a compartment in the ceiling and releases some sort of damaging substance (Green Slime, Acid, whatever) on the intrepid adventurer.

Detection: You did tell them not to touch the button.

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  1. If you find the multipurpose tricks overwhelming I did include a simpler generation method (Pouch of Tricks)...


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