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A download of the rules and all the tables in .pdf form is here!

A Critical Hit Table for Avoiding Death!

Shock: This is a special condition caused by overwhelming damage that you don't feel, but causes you to die anyway. If you see shock as a condition, make a save versus (Death/Fortitude). If it fails you die instantly (feel free to roll 1d12+24 for interesting deaths). If it succeeds, double all pain counts.
  1. (No Entry)
  2. Chilled! A small frostburn scar is left at the location of the player's choosing.
  3. You get struck in the chest, and clutch your hands to your torso in an effort to stop the burning cold. Drop anything held in your hands.
  4. The skin on your head shrinks and cracks . If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and either shatters or decays. If not, your head is blased by searing cold, leaving you Dazed for a round. Pain 1.
  5. There is a stinging and a moment of blinding pain. You are Dazed for 1 round while you regain your bearing. Pain 1
  6. Your body is engulfed in a maelstrom of cold. Your clothing and items are start to freeze, and may be destroyed. You are Shaken for 1 round by the experience. Make a saving throw for exposed equipment. Pain 2
  7. You inhale a breath of frozen air cause you to gasp, clutching your throat. You are Stunned for 1 round.
  8. You get caught by a devastating blast of cold. Ice forms around you, and you slip and fall. You are knocked prone. You are Stunned for 1d4 rounds. Pain 2. Internal Bleed 1.
  9. Large swaths of exposed skin crack and turn bright red as you are severely frost burnt! First degree burns. Pain 1d4.
  10. The abyssal cold freezes exposed skin, which cracks and blackens, leaving you with a terrible scar. First degree burns. -2 Charisma. -8 Comeliness. Pain 2. Possible bonus to intimidating people.
  11. You are battened about by freezing cold, Hypothermia sets in. You lose your mind as your body begins to shut down. Make a save versus (polymorph/will), or remove all your clothes and lie down on the ground. Otherwise, act as if under the influence of a Confusion spell. Pain 1d4. First Aid: Confused (1, Stand there quietly. 2, Scream at the top of your lungs. 3, Attack nearest target. 4, Hurt/attack self.)
  12. You use your arms to protect yourself, as you feel them drained of vital energy. They are blackened frostburn stumps. Drop anything held in your arm. Second Degree Burns. First Aid: Arm is useless. Pain 3.
  13. Swriling cold engulfs your legs, freezing your lower body. You fall prone. Second Degree Burns. First Aid: Movement Halved. Pain 2.
  14. You shut your eyes as your head is caught in the freezing cold.  If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and shatters or decays. If not, you are unable to shut your eyes in time, and they freeze solid, leaving you Stunned for a round. Blind. First Aid: Sickened. Pain 4
  15. You are caught in the center of the cold, and all the heat and energy drain from your body. You suffer serious burns on all exposed skin. Second Degree Burns. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1. Pain 1d4.
  16. Your hand is encased in ice. 1d4 fingers are rendered useless. Anything held is must save or be shattered by the cold. Lost Fingers. Third Degree Burns. First Aid: Staggered. Arm is useless. Pain 1. Lose 1 Dexterity for each lost finger.
  17. Your skin and face are frozen. You fall prone. Third Degree Burns. Shock. First Aid: SickenedPain 1d4+1.
  18. There is a searing pain on your arm and then you can no longer move it. When you look, your arm is covered in a white dusting and feels leaden, and then it shatters, falling to the ground. Roll a 1d6. 1-3 Your hand is frozen solid at the wrist, 4-5 your arm is frozen solid at the elbow. 6 your arm is frozen solid at the shoulder. You are stunned for a round. Third Degree Burns. Limb frozen off. Dexterity cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  19. There is a searing pain on your leg and then nothing. You spin and fall, and stump shatters. Roll a 1d6. 1-2 your leg is frozen solid at the ankle, 3-4 your leg is frozen solid at the knee, 5-6 your leg is frozen solid at the hip. You fall prone. Third Degree Burns. Limb severed. Movement cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4
  20. The blast freezes you seriously, damaging all exposed skin.Third and Fourth Degree Burns. First Aid: Sickened. Shock. Pain 1d4.
  21.  The blast sears your flesh, causing third and fourth degree burns over exposed and unexposed skin.Third and Fourth Degree Burns. Shock. First Aid: Sickened. Make a Constitution check or fall unconscious each roundPain 1d4
  22. The icy torrent freezes your flesh, blackening and freezing flesh, nerve and muscle.Third and Fourth Degree Burns. Shock. First Aid: Sickened. Make a Constitution check each round or die from shock. Pain 1d4
  23. Cold saps the very vital energy of your spirit.Your life begins to slip away, holding on by a thread.Third and Fourth Degree Burns. All Statistics are Halved. Shock. First Aid: Sickened. Make a Constitution check or die each round. Pain 1d4
  24. The intense cold causes your heart to stop, and you die 1 round later, leaving a very well preserved corpse.
  25. Your breath literally freezes in your throat as your neck is frozen. You drop to your knees and the shock shatters your frozen neck. Die from suffocation 1d4 rounds later.
  26. Frost climbs up your leg moments before it freezes solid and then shatters. You fall impaling yourself through your face on your own weapon. Thrash around for the next 1d6 rounds in horrible pain before everything goes mercifully dark.
  27. The front of your face becomes frozen. Blind and in pain, you stumble around until a moment later you strike something hard - the front half of your skull breaks apart, showing frozen brain and skull to all present. All living creatures stunned by the sight for 1 round. You are dead before your body stops moving.
  28. Your waist becomes stiff, and a moment later, you fall over backwards as your torso separates from your frozen lower body.
  29. The blast doesn't appear to hurt very much, but your blood is frozen in your veins. A moment later you clutch your chest as you slowly die from suffocation over the next 1d6 rounds.
  30. Your head is encased in ice. You are unable to free it before you suffocate.
  31. Ice coats your lower body and the ground, you start to slip and your frozen shins shatter, and you fall, a frozen icicle, thrust through your neck or brain, kills you instantly.
  32. The right side of your body catches the blast, and as you dodge, the living tissue separates from the frozen tissue connected to the ground in a giant sheet of ice. The living half of your body is in exquisite pain in the moments before you die.
  33. Your body is completely covered in ice. You freeze to death long before you can be freed.
  34. You freeze solid as a statue, dead and perfectly preserved.
  35. You are frozen solid, and fall over, shattering into several large pieces.
  36. Your body completely freezes solid straight through to the core. You then shatter, scattering into a million pieces, most landing within 20 feet of your current location.
  37. 36+ as 36

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