On RPG Theory: X

X marks the spot.

There are of course no X words.

However, you should know that I do this, because I love role playing, and I love role playing theory.

I've been pretty hard on Ron Edwards, but here's a man who's been talking about what I love for over 10 years.

Some of the things I've said have been pointed, but I'd much rather have him stirring things up and getting people talking about it, then having tabletop gaming just die in a corner.


  1. I've had only positive experiences talking to Ron 1:1 (through posts), so I should be super-pro-Ron. And, I think GNS is probably pretty accurate BUT there is CLEARLY a bias. After reading that stuff, you should believe: (1) you and everyone you know is not cool and normal enough to Role Play - it should be non-geek people that play; and (2) any games but rigidly structured Indie games are bad.

  2. Yes, in the posts and online communication where he is just talking, he does seem like a super nice guy. But even in response to direct questions he doesn't ever really *say* anything.

    Also: millions of people are having super fun with games, whereas most people don't get super excited about a 'rigidly structured indie game'. So that sort of puts a dent in the core thesis.


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