On RPG Theory: W

Ah, W. Only 3 more letters after today and then I'll be free.

Wargamer: or Tactician. One of the Blacow/Robin Laws player types. Someone who likes tactical problems, or likes to play Wargames.

Just an aside that defining these terms carries with it the unfortunate consequence of assumption that someone who, say, enjoys tactical problems, must not be the type of person that enjoys talking in character. A false assumption if there ever was one.

Wheedler: Again with the harping on 'power gamers'. This is one of 'the two types' of power gamers - the other being a "Rules-Lawyer". This means someone who attempts to manipulate the people at the table, instead of the rules.

Whiff Factor: A word to describe failure rate that is incongruous with the expected competence of the PC's in the setting. 

Wimpiness: A term meaning sore loser. No, really! "A dysfunctional form of Gamism characterized by poor sportsman ship, i.e. the unwillingness to accept a loss"

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