On RPG Theory: O

Oh crap, it's an octopus, get in the sub!

The tedium continues, brought to you by the letter O, and the number F'THAGN!

The letter O of Forge RPG theory.

Open Play: This is us here. It's a type of play that is player directed, that is responded to by the GM by 'what would logically happen' without prepared adventures. Soooo, this sounds a bit like a sandbox, no? And by a bit, I mean the very exact mostest definition possible of the very thing we all do.

They say, "It is unclear or undetermined what this corresponds to within GNS terms". I'll say. D&D is Incoherent my left nut!

Ouija-board role-playing: He says in his essay, "the deluded notion is that Simulationist play will yield Story Now play without any specific attention on anyone's part to do so. . . The participants must be devoted to the notion that stories don't need authors; they emerge from some ineffable confluence of Exploration per se. It's kind of a weird Illusionism perpetrated on one another, with everyone putting enormous value on maintaining the Black Curtain between them and everyone else."

Only, how is this possible. Are the DM's in this game not characterizing any of the NPC's they generate? Are their not places and people of interest in the world? Do you not come up with reasons why the elves are also climbing the mountain?

The entire category is a strawman, because there is not a single actual real world instantiation of his example. People aren't sitting around tables, and rolling them, waiting for an interesting occurrence, they are playing a game, and characters, and it's those interactions that create something special.

Out-of-Character: The opposite of in character, talking, thinking or acting as yourself instead of your PC.

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