On RPG Theory: N

Over the hump, we continue with the letter N.

Narrative Stance Model: Somewhat useful, describes four stances to play, In Character, where your mindset is that of your character within the game world; Audience, where you're watching other players; Actor stance, where you consider what your character might do and attempt to portray him as he is defined; and Director/Author stance, where you spend time thinking about how to effectively alter the development of the game, either through your character or other factors.

Not sure how to use the above to improve play, though.

Narrativism: Instead of talking about it, I'm just going to paste the definition, and the definitions of all words it uses, to see if anyone can make any sense out of it.

One of the three modes (or Creative Agendas) of the GNS Model, defined as play "in which Premise is addressed through play". It's defining phrase is Story Now.
Creative Agenda: "aesthetic priorities and any matters of imaginative interest regarding role-playing"
Premise: Within GNS Narrativist play, a moral or ethical question concerning human interactions -- adapted by Ron Edwards from the writings of Lajos Egri. Within fiction writing, this starts as an ideological challenge or question. The course of the plot then answers this challenge with a message or theme -- a judgmental statement about how to act, behave, or believe.
Within the GNS model, the characteristic phrase of Narrativism.
So Narrativism is when a moral or ethical question concerning human interaction is addressed through play?

That's what they mean? Because I'm pretty sure we address that shit in Dungeons and Dragons all the damn time! (I'm looking in your direction Paladin).

It sure seems like there's some confused people out there based off what I've read on the internet about narrativism.

No Myth of Reality: This is where anything not necessary for play is left undescribed. A pretty cool way to play, from my experience.

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  1. In practice, it seems like Narrativism's defining phrase is "Story over everything" as opposed to simply "Story Now".

    Then again, I may simply have poor experiences with it.


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