On RPG Theory: B

In a shocking twist, today's post brought to you by the letter B. And the number 8. My analysis of the RPG Theory Glossary continues.

Balance: Wizards of the coast should be punched in the neck with the force of a kick.

Balance of Power: "Look, I'm the DM so if I say he's dead, he's dead."
"Well find your own way home, Mr. I'm the boss!"

Bangs: "What are we doing again."
"Damn it dude, the orcs are going to kill the king tonight if we don't do something!"
"But those Orcs are my family."
Do we really need a fancy word for something that makes the characters do something. Is there another word for a boring one of these?

Beeg Horseshoe Theory: People who like to put things into two boxes on either end of a line, instead of somewhere on a triangle.

The Big Model: Pretension incarnate? Or possibly a way to reduce assumption clash? you make the call.

Black Curtain: "Don't look at my notes dude!"
"Hey! It says the trap goes off either way, no matter what we do!"

Everyone in my group has run a game at one time or another. We know we're all making it up, and often when talking with my players I've been surprised to discover that they consciously block this information from their reasoning both in and out of game. Since I have this bizzare explict desire to pull back the curtain and discuss things from a theory perspective, I've gotten some very strange responses due to the conflict between what's best for the character, versus what's best for the game.

Blacow Player Types: The old school version of GNS. Role Players, Storytellers, Power Gamers, and Wargamers. Robin Laws expanded the list to 7, Adding The Butt-Kicker, The Specialist, and The Casual Gamer.

Blood Opera: "Stop stealing from me jerk!"
"Nope, you killed my sire"
Generally a bad idea, some systems work better with this than others. Models a competitive player aspect, without the benefit of objective rules. Which, coincidentally is what makes it a terrible idea.

Bob: "I gotta take a piss, man."
"We're trying to kill a demon here!"
"I know, I know."
"Well, I'm gonna grab a coke."
"Will you get me one?"
"Screw it, fifteen minute break. I'm gonna smoke."

Breaking the game: "See, if I take all these feats, and sacrifice all my turn attempts, I can cast five spells a round while in the form of a ancient dragon and still get all my attacks per round."
"Dude, I'm not gonna allow that."
"It says I can do it right here. WHY ARE YOU BEING SO UNFAIR."
". . ."
(You may think I'm joking, but clerics, how the f&*k do they work?)

Butt-Kicker: Just wants to kill orcs, because it's been so long since he's had a blowjob. Not a problem for some gamers.

A note: I mean no disrespect to the creators of the glossary. The links and John H. Kims work is excellent.

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