On Numenhalla: Gods of "Law"

The Gods:
Typhon Symbol: Helm Weapon: Club, Spiked Club
Domain: Law, Sun, Strength, Leadership
Appearance: (M) Giant Two Headed Man
Personality: Stern, Manipulative

Hera Symbol: Infinity Symbol/Peacock Weapon: Knife
Domain: Marriage, Motherhood, Anger, Fertility, Jealousy
Appearance: (F) Beautiful Middle-aged Woman
Personality: Nurturing, Treacherous

Hastur Symbol: Stylized Coin Weapon: Scythe, Shepard's Hook
Domain: Wealth, Mystery, Underworld, Shepherds
Appearance: (M) Cloaked Figure
Personality: Slient, Enigmatic, Inscrutable

Baldur Symbol: Abstract Plow Weapon: Staff
Domain: Agriculture, Husbandry, Bravery, Cleanliness and Light
Appearance: (M) Middle-aged Man
Personality: Pleasant

Tethys Symbol: Sword Weapon: Sword
Domain: Ocean, Violence, Revenge
Appearance: (F) Armored Form, Ancient Woman
Personality: Souless

Theia Symbol: ? Weapon: ?
Domain: Direction, Travel
Appearance: (F)Small Girl
Personality: Childlike

Selene Symbol: Moon Weapon: Sickle
Domain: Moon, Love
Appearance: (F)Beautiful young woman with long dark hair
Personality: Sensual

Hemidall Symbol: Eye Weapon: Bow, Sword
Domain: Wisdom, Vision
Appearance: (M) Hawk, Bearded Man
Personality: Boisterous

Freya Symbol: Sun Weapon: Cat o' nine tails
Domain: Dawn, Gold, Laughter, Madness, the Wild, War, Death, Sorcery
Appearance: (F)Wild Looking Naked Woman
Personality: Crazy

Tyr Symbol: Hammer Weapon: Hammer
Domain: Order, Defense, Fire, Judgment
Appearance: (M)Short Hairless Stocky Man with one hand
Personality: Stoic

Huginn & Muninn Symbol: Bird Weapon: Javelin
Domain: Knowledge, Memory, Magic
Appearance: (M/F) Crows, or Cojoined Twins
Personality: Smug, Self-amused, Arrogant

Ratatoskr Symbol: Tree Weapon: ?
Domain: Nature, Dreams
Appearance: Small Rodent
Personality: Mischievous, Wise

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