WWI: Exquisite Corpses

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Man, the OSR is sweet.

The Elements:  This is a "Game Accessory suitable for Classic Fantasy RPGs". It is published by Lulu and created by our own politically charged limpey, otherwise known as S. B. Poag at Aldeboran. It costs 10$ for a physical copy, or 3.66$ for a digital download.

The Crux: This is a book that works in a similar way to the exquisite corpses game works. The game is a way of collectively assembling words or images without each person being able to see the work of others. This has 26 monsters split into three different slides, allowing you to put the legs of a woman on the body of an ape with the head of a pig-man. The slides are separated manually by you, so it does require some preparation. System neutral stats are included on each section, allowing you to truly create thousands of old school monsters.

The Countenance: To be honest, was not at all what I was expecting. I don't know whether I wasn't paying attention or what, but I thought I was buying a monster book with some monsters in it that had illustrations by limpey. And it is exactly that, but specifically I was expecting plates of his illustrations. I am a pretty big fan of his work. That said, the book is awesome, regardless of what I was expecting. It has much more to recommend it then simply another book of monsters. And the illustrations, while they all conform to the 'standing' shape in order to work with the page flipping, are excellent besides. The book is spiral-bound, black and white interior with easy to read text and illustrations (obviously) for each monster. The covers are full cover and of thick glossy stock. The paper is of high weight, obviously due to being cut and used to create different monsters. The book does contain 'adult' content, though none of it is explicitly sexualized. It is no worse then the first edition Monster Manual.

Not as offensive as you would think
Also: Not offended by breasts.

So you can create hundreds of different monsters, never seen before at a whim, and have them already stated up? Awesome. That's not the best part. In the appendix is a system for adding special qualities to your creatures which rivals the best monster creation material I've seen. Though not exhaustive, there are six different categories each with 6-8 different options that monsters can be altered. There are system neutral stats and modifiers given for each of these options. This alone is worth the cover price of the book (not to mention the two full color paintings, or the 30ish illustrations within the book), but as they say in the sales biz, but wait, there's more. There is a full on optional psionics system contained in the appendix designed for old school games! (as is my supplement). I know how popular psionics is with the community (protip: it's not), but I've always loved it, and how wonderfully it fits in with the pulp style of the source material. And this system in limpey's book is one of the best I've seen, especially for pre-OSRIC play (besides my own, I mean).

The Genre: This is a gaming resource book.

The Detritus: Economies bad, I know. You have ten bucks. You probably spent more than that on fast food or even coffee this week. GO BUY THIS NOW.

The Final Counsel:
More of this, less of the other.

This book is available in both printed wood form, and ordered electron form (Book & PDF) from Lulu.

Exquisite Corpses by S. B. Poag


  1. I grabbed this back when it was a free PDF, and it is pretty sweet. I have it flagged for physical purchase when I make my next large Lulu.com order.

  2. Hello;
    Thank you for the very complimentary words --- E.C. was a lot of fun to put together and I am glad you enjoy it.


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