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Hi all, to everyone visiting from Mythmere's blog.

Matt's a great guy. And Swords and Wizardry is a great game. Anyone who releases his hard work in document format so that people can print it out for free at home with their own house rules written in, is someone who really understands our hobby. He's also the author of a little document that encapsulates everything we do.

Today is Table Week on Hack & Slash. Here are some links to get you started.

This week:
No damage past 0 hit points critical hit tables.
A table creating over 500 million Megadungeon Zone names
Megadungeon Adventuring hooks (50 options, another 50 tomorrow)
Some sad campaign hooks 
Series on Adventure Design

Regular features include
Weekly Tricks & Traps on the blog
Weekly Game and Book reviews

A little community resource I add to as I run across them:
Community Table Indexes

And the Pièce de résistance:
30 pages of Trick, Trap, and Empty Room Design
11 pages on designing all kinds of interesting Treasure
44 pages on Old School Psionics
Alchemy and Poison coming soon, as well as updates to the above.

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