On The Thursday Trick, Triple Bonus

Because I missed last Thursday's trick/trap post, I'm tripling up for this Thursday to make up for it. 

Mirror Teleporter (Special)

Trigger: Magical: Visual  Effects: Never Miss
Save:None (Polymorph) Duration: Instant
Resets: Automatic Bypass: Special

Description: This nefarious trick is often used to guard a vault or treasure room. It consists of a mirror at the end of a hallway. The mirror reflects any living creature correctly, but does not reflect the environment behind the character. Any character viewing himself in the mirror will see that the background in the mirror is not the background behind him. In the mirror it will appear to be the background of the destination of the teleport. Any character turning around to check to see if his environment has actually changed is instantly transported to the environment reflected in the mirror. This environment may a constant environment that the mirror always teleports people to, or it could be a random destination every time the mirror is triggered.

Detection/Disarming: The only safe ways past this trap are either not looking at the mirror at all (hard to do if you're walking down the corridor where it is set up) or if you continue to look at the mirror all the way down the hallway. You are only safe once you touch (without looking) the door handle of the room the mirror is set to guard. It can be unnerving attempting to not look behind you as you walk down the hall, what with your peripheral vision not matching what the mirror is showing. To successfully navigate the hazard, a save versus polymorph or will would be appropriate. The mirror may be broken, transporting everyone within 100' to the destination of the mirror, preferably with a several very angry creatures sucked in by the destruction.

The Pit that Cried Wolf (Pit)

Trigger: Open pit / Mechanical: Pressure Plate Effects:Multiple Targets
Save: Spells, Surprise Roll Duration:N/A
Resets: None Bypass: None (Avoid)

Description: This trap is nothing more than an open pit in a nondescript corridor. As the players approach, they can hear a victim (I prefer baby monsters, attractive females, and my favorite, little hobbits or gnomes who got in over their head) bleating out from the bottom of the pit. "Hellp!" "Ohhhh, my leg".

When the players approach the pit, they will in fact see the victim at the bottom. There is a permanent illusion and high level magic mouth designed to perfectly simulate the victim residing in the bottom of the pit. The illusion can answer questions and even hold simple conversations with the characters, but is clearly in pain, begging for help out of the pit. He claims to have a broken arm and is unable to stand. If the players are hesitant, the illusion offers all his coin and to lead them to a nearby magic gem.

The pit is actually designed to lure players down into the pit, at which point, their weight triggers several dozen thin spikes that slide out, impaling anyone dumb enough to head to the bottom of the pit. In addition to this danger, an intelligent gelatinous cube was bright enough to figure out that the illusion would drag a steady stream of victims to it's maw, and so it rests inside the pit also.

Anyone paralyzed by the cube will have his weight trigger the spikes the next round, which slide harmlessly through the body of the jelly, impaling the player character.

Detection/Disarming: Players suspicious of the illusion should be given a saving throw versus spells to resist. If they do not succeed they are firmly convinced of the reality of the situation. The cube is very well hidden, and will only be noticed upon the descent on a roll of 5 or 6 for the party. If it is noticed, the only information that should be given is about there being some sort of visual distortion of the bottom of the pit, perhaps a strange oily sheen in the air.

The Incorporeal Light (Special)

Trigger: Magical: Touch Effects: N/A
Save: Paralyzation Duration: Varies (While Lit)
Resets: N/A Bypass: None (Avoid)

Description: This nefarious trick lets the players be the architects of their own destruction. Somewhere in the dungeon, they find a cache of special magical torches. Let anyone who can detect magic know that they carry an aura of strong alteration magic. Anyone who is holding one of these torches while bathed in its light, is incorporeal as long as the torch is lit. The only things that remain corporeal to the player are his own gear and items, what he is carrying on him.

Thinking they have found a powerful new tool, do nothing to dissuade them from this fact. Just keep in mind several things. First, they are incorporeal to all other objects and creatures, meaning that although they cannot be hit (or take half damage from monsters) the same is true for the monsters, who will ignore the character's insubstantial swings. The other stipulation is that the magic only works so long as the character is both holding the torch and lit by its light. If the character tries to walk through a wall or a door, this will work fine, until the torch is extinguished by passing through a solid wall, killing the player who is now no longer incorporeal and currently occupying the same space as the wall. If they try to hold the torch out in the air while they pass through a solid object they will achieve some success at first, until they no longer have the light landing on any of their body, at a minimum trapping several fingers inside a solid object. Traditionally light travels poorly through wood and stone.

Detection/Disarming: The best course of action is to sell the torches to some rube in town.

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