On The Thursday Trick, Fireplace Scrutiny

This weeks trick, courtesy Roles, Rules, and Rolls Endless Bag of Tricks, by Roger S. G. Sorolla

Fireplace Scrutiny (Special)
Trigger: Magical: Visual  Effects: Multiple Targets
Save:None Duration: Special
Resets: Automatic Bypass: Special

This room appears to be a moldy, long disused den. There are several pieces of damp rotted furniture, some sort of slick damp mold on the floor and rotted papers and logs. The doors are made of steel, and there are no windows. The only suspicious thing in the room is a small fireplace roaring with a warm blaze, behind an open grate.

If the player characters approach the grate, they will note that it is of the kind used to prevent sparks from damaging carpet, though it is open and not doing it's job. It doesn't appear that there is any carpet to burn, the only indications that a carpet was ever here are some moldy threads. The grate is attached to the wall. It appears to be a dark oily color. The grate is actually made of solid platinum, coated in gold, and has a value of 200gp/dungeon level. In order to discover this, a player must either attempt to clean it off, or break it off from its moorings on the wall.

The fire itself seems to be raging, and keeping the small area near the fireplace dry. If the players look or gaze into the fire they see the floating image of a mandala with glowing lines. Behind this they also see a vision of a room filled with treasure. Their view pans through this room, moving around looking at various items until settling in front of an exquisite golden chalice. The mandala transparently overlaid on the chalice is actually map of how to reach the hidden treasure room. The chalice floats in front of the players and seems incredibly real.

If anyone reaches out to touch the chalice, after they burn their hands; the mantle opens up and a small demonic mouth made of granite and glass sprays a silky mist over the party members. They then become cursed with hyper-hydrosis, and require extra water every day, as well as having anything drop out of their hands due to sweating whenever they roll a 1.

If the fire is extinguished, the doors slam shut and lock, and the gate to the elemental plane of water is no longer shut. A Water Elemental of greater hit dice then the party shows up and attacks. If killed, another will continue to reappear until the fire is re-lit. Not an easy task, due to the excessive wetness in the room. An even more difficult one if they happen to suffer from Hyper-hydrosis.

The rolls that created the trick:
Fire, touch (reveals minor feature: Ornament/Regalia)/gaze(Clue leading to different site)/douse (Monster at or above difficulty)
door/hatch, break (Major Treasure) /oil (major treasure)
Ornament/Regalia, (permanent Curse)

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  1. Glad to see my tables put to use! They're complicated but you have to agree, you do get some unique ideas that way ;)


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