On Table Week

This is table week at Hack & Slash!

I have been inspired by the contest, and am at a point where I find myself in need of several good tables, so this week it's table-time!

On the docket:

Critical hit tables that increase survivability and give the game an appendix N flavor!
Mega-dungeon area names
Huge list of items, colors, materials, and artistic themes
Updated to 100 items spellbook traps
Updated another 50 Mega-dungeon hooks (bringing it up to 100)
List of ways to disarm a trap

And more! (Wednesday Review, Thursday Trick, a discussion of some of the best in randomness out there)

Like the majority of my tables, they are most useful as planning aids. I've never gotten the hang of how to make a table be useful while playing, but I'm quite skilled at the comprehensive idea board for the design phase.

An artifact of my prep style I suppose.

If you have any suggestions for tables you'd like to see, give me a comment and let me know!

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