On a Table For Mega-Dungeon Zone Names

Thanks to Beyond the Black Gate where I got the idea. It's a good table over there - check it out.

But while trying to use it for my own campaign, I got a lot of similar results. There's the fiery mural of wisdom, near the fiery statue of bone. It seems like a great tool for an unexpected venture into the depths, or as a prod to your creativity, but what I was looking for was a table with enough variety to allow me to randomly determine the vast majority of my many many mega-dungeon zones. This post will have the general forms and structure of the name, and the following posts will contain the tables.

Roll 1d12 and Select the Forms:
  1. The (Table A) (Table B)
  2. The (Table A) (Table D or E) (Table B)
  3. The (Table A) (Table B) of (Table C)
  4. The (Table A) (Table B) of (Table D) (Table C)
  5. The (Table A) (Table B) of (Table E) (Table C)
  6. The (Table A) (Table D) (Table C)
  7. The (Table A) (Table E) (Table C)
  8. The (Table A) (Table D) (Table E) (Table C)
  9. The (Table B) of (Table C)
  10. The (Table B) of (Table D) (Table C)
  11. The (Table B) of (Table E) (Table C)
  12. The (Table B) of (Table D) (Table E) (Table C)
Tables to follow.

If you want to view all these tables (and only these tables) you can copy the text to a different file, or you can use the tag "series (megadungeon zone names)" below.

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