On a Table for Avoiding Death (Teeth & Claws)

Rules here
Teeth & Claws:
  1. (No Entry)
  2. Clipped by a tooth! A small bite or claw mark is left at the location of the player's choosing.
  3. A quick snap doesn't break the skin on your hand. The shock causes you to drop anything held in that hand.
  4. The scrape across your leg causes you to stumble. You are Dazed for 1 round while you regain your footing.
  5. Your helm is knocked to the side, covering your face, you are lucky you are able to get it off before you get mauled. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, the rake catches you in the head, leaving you Dazed for a round.
  6. Your leg is grabbed, and the monster tries to yank you off of your feet. Make a Dexterity check to remain standing. The strength of the beast is incrediable. You are Shaken for 1 round by the experience. Bleed 1.
  7. Stout fetid breath causes you to gasp and choke. You are Stunned for 1 round.
  8. A snap at your groin connects. You double over in pain and terror. You are Sunned for 1 round by the frightening wound. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1. Internal Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  9. At least its mouth is cleaner than a man's. Probably not now that you think about it. Player gains a new scar in place of their choosing. Bleed 1.
  10. You are viciously gouged as chunks of skin are ripped from your arm. Drop anything held in your arm. First Aid: Arm is useless. Bleed 3. Pain 2.
  11. The beast latches on to your leg, ripping flesh and bone. You fall prone. First Aid: Movement Halved. Bleed 3. Pain 2.
  12. Your legs get tripped up as it gets under you. You drop to one knee and it takes the opportunity to shred the back of your thigh. You fall prone. First Aid: Immobile. Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  13. A strike to your abdomen makes you feel ill, as your kidney is destroyed. Lost Kidney. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1. Pain 1. Internal Bleed 2.
  14. You use your head to block and a claw knocks your helmet off. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not your head is knocked right into his teeth. Your scalp is shredded and blood runs down into your eyes. You are Dazed for 1 round. First Aid: Shaken. Bleed 4. Pain 1.
  15. Your hand is hideously mangled. 1d4 fingers are bitten off. Anything held is dropped. Lost Fingers. First Aid: Staggered. Arm is useless. Bleed 1. Pain 1. Lose 1 Dexterity for each lost finger.
  16. There is a burst of inconceivable agony in your leg as it is torn apart. Roll a 1d6. 1-2 your leg is shredded to pieces at the ankle, 3-4 your leg is shredded to pieces at the knee, 5-6 your leg is shredded to pieces at the hip. You fall prone. Limb severed. Movement cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4
  17. Pain streaks down your arm as you rip it from the mouth of the hideous beast.. There is nothing left but shreds of skin. Roll a 1d6. 1-3 Your hand is shredded to pieces at the wrist, 4-5 your arm is shredded to pieces at the elbow. 6 your arm is shredded to pieces at the shoulder. You are stunned for a round. Limb sliced off. Dexterity cut in half. First Aid: SickenedBleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  18. Your throat is almost torn out, but you manage to block the attack with your shoulder and collarbone. Broken Bones. Permanent -1 to all your statistics. Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  19. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not your face is torn apart and your eye is torn out like a little piece of delicious fruit. You are Stunned for 1 round. Lost Eye. First Aid: Sickened. Ranged attacks are at -8. No Depth Perception. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  20. Your gut burns and twists. Your internal organs feel black and cold as they are crushed. You fall prone. You are Dazed for 1 round. Make a Constitution check to avoid passing out. Organ Damage.  First Aid: Sickened, Movement Halved. Bleed 1d4. Internal bleed 2. Pain 1.
  21. Your back is mauled. Spinal damage occurs. You fall prone. Make a successful Constitution check to avoid permanent paralysis. Organ Damage. First Aid: Immobile. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  22. Teeth and claws nick your neck opening up your carotid artery, blood spectacularly fountains everywhere. The monster is momentarily surprised, until he tastes the delicious blood of his dinner. First Aid: Stunned, Die in 1d4 rounds.
  23. There is a crack as your broken ribs puncture your lungs. You fall unconscious. -1 Constitution. First Aid: Die in 1d4 Rounds (Lose 4 points of Constitution).
  24. The bite in your leg doesn't seem that bad at first, then the beast pulls back and a red curtain bursts forth as you collapse on the ground, femoral artery shredded. Everyone within 5' must make a Dexterity check or fall prone. Die Instantly.
  25. Your arm is removed from a tear that reaches from your neck to your abdomen. Your head falls to the side and lands in your guts as you stagger 3d6 feet and fall down dead.
  26. A crushing bite or claw cracks the skull. If you have a helmet it is knocked off and destroyed and you fall unconscious. If no helm, skull is cracked. You fall unconscious. Wisdom and Intelligence -2. First Aid: Death in 1d4 rounds (-1d4 from all statistics.)
  27. It's hard to breath with your throat lying on the ground. Lying on the ground seems like a good idea so you collapse next to it, dead.
  28. The beast holds your still beating heart in its feral claw. Wait, never-mind, it's stopped now.
  29. Your neck snaps as you are snatched up and shaken back and forth. You live for several more segments as it drops you to the ground and begins to feast.
  30. Somehow, it's managed to bite both your legs. You'd fight, but when it's teeth reached your spine something cracked. All that's left to do is to watch helplessly as you are eaten whole.
  31. Your leg is crushed, for values of leg that include every bone from the calf to the ribs. Boneshards play billiards with your organs and blood vessels. You are dead before you slush to the ground.
  32. There is a release of tension in your midsection. You are unable to catch your guts as they spill out onto the ground.
  33. Your leg is bitten off. Unbalanced, you fall over cracking your skull open like an egg on a nearby surface, dying instantly
  34. You get a real good look at his tongue and teeth before your head is bitten off.
  35. You're hit and notice you land 3d6 feet from your legs. Doesn't look like they are going to come and get you.
  36. Everything goes black. Your companions stand in shock as each is hit with a large chunk of your destroyed body. All allies Stunned for 1 round.
  37. 36+ as 36

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