On a Table for Avoiding Death (Puncturing, Stabbing and Piercing weapons)

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Puncturing, Stabbing and Piercing weapons
  1. (No Entry)
  2. Nicked! A small scar is left at the location of the player's choosing.
  3. The point glances off a knuckle-bone. The impact causes you to drop anything held in that hand.
  4. A stab at your leg causes you to lose balance. You are Dazed for 1 round while you regain your footing.
  5. You duck and almost narrowly avoid a thrust. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, the thrust catches you in the head, leaving you Dazed for a round.
  6. A blow headed straight for your heart, scrapes your rib instead. You are Shaken for 1 round by the experience. Bleed 1.
  7. Your thigh is skewered viciously. You are Stunned for 1 round. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  8. A powerful thrust rips past your garment, tearing into the abdominal wall. You are Dazed for 1 round by the vicious wound. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1. Internal Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  9. That Stung! Player gains a new scar in place of their choosing. Bleed 1.
  10. A mighty thrust strikes your arm piercing the skin. When it connects, you feel a snap. Drop anything held in your arm. Fractured Bones. First Aid: Arm is useless. Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  11. A terrible strike hits your leg, digging deep into the flesh, sharp pains shoot up and down your leg. You fall prone. Fractured Bones. First Aid: Movement Halved. Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  12. Your waist is punctured, the strike dislocating your hip. You fall prone. First Aid: Immobile. Bleed 1. Internal Bleed 1. Pain 2.
  13. Your nose stings as it is cut off. Lost Nose. First Aid: Shaken. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  14. The thrust is smoothly blocked by your cheek. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not you are shanked right through your jaw knocking it loose, teeth shatter, blood sprays everywhere. You are Dazed for 1 round. Broken Bones. First Aid: Sickened, Difficulty Speaking, Cannot Cast Spells (Charisma -2). Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  15. The point of their weapon slides along the edge of your hilt, slicing as it goes. 1d4 fingers are sliced off. Anything held is dropped. Lost Fingers. First Aid: Staggered. Arm is useless. Bleed 1. Pain 1. Lose 1 Dexterity for each lost finger.
  16. The tip strikes deep into your leg past armor, skin and muscle, then is ripped violently out. Your leg is torn apart. An artery is punctured. Make a Constitution check to continue standing, otherwise fall prone. First Aid: Immobile. Bleed 1d4. Pain 2.
  17. The strike clips your weapon and lands on your collarbone shattering it. Broken Bones. Permanent -1 to all your statistics. Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  18. You are shanked between the ribs. First Aid: Sickened, Movement Halved. Bleed 1d4. Internal bleed 2. Pain 1.
  19. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not your eye explodes like a stuck grape, totally ruining it. You are Stunned for 1 round. Lost Eye. First Aid: Sickened. Ranged attacks are at -8. No Depth Perception. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  20. Your arm is sliced with a deep gash and torn apart. It hangs from your body by a flap of skin. Roll a 1d6. 1-3 Your hand is sliced off at the wrist, 4-5 your arm is sliced off at the elbow. 6 your arm is sliced off the shoulder. You are stunned for a round. Limb sliced off. Dexterity cut in half. First Aid: SickenedBleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  21. Your leg is punctured, cutting clear through the bone and ripping the flesh on either side. Roll a 1d6. 1-2 your leg is sliced off at the ankle, 3-4 your leg is sliced off at the knee, 5-6 your leg is sliced off at the hip. You fall prone. Limb severed. Movement cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  22. The carotid artery is nicked, arterial blood sprays out of the wound in a wide area, creating a beautiful red mist. You fall prone. First Aid: Die in 1d6 rounds. Bleed 6.
  23. Your stomach is stabbed like a ripe melon. You are startled by the contents. Collapse in agony, you fall prone. Constitution check is made each round to maintain consciousness. First Aid: Stunned. Bleed 1d4
  24. If you have a helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, the point rips through your nose, touching your brain. Die in 1d4 rounds, unconscious until then. Bleed 1d4. Internal Bleed 1d4
  25. A blood vessel is gouged out of your leg and flips around like a hose spraying blood everywhere. You die from shock and blood loss before your body hits the ground. Everyone within 5' is covered in blood an moving requires a dexterity check at +4 to avoid falling.
  26. Everything below the waist goes numb as your spine is fractured. You fall unconscious. First Aid: Stats Halved (paralyzed from waist down). Bleed 1d4. Internal Bleed 1d4.Your stats are halved till your 10 week recovery period is passed. If not seen by a medic and treated successfully, paralyzed from he waist down.
  27. Your body goes limp as your opponent stabs his weapon severing your spinal column. You are filled with deep satisfaction as your twisting marionette-like twiches disarm your opponent before your demise.
  28. Your arm is ripped off your body, exposing your heart, which sprays blood in your face. It is the last thing you see.
  29. You were stabbed through the heart, and it's too late. You give love a bad name. You die.
  30. You are gouged in the groin making a bloody mess of your intestines and genataila. You fall to the ground conscious and slowly die over the next 2d6 rounds.
  31. You keep trying to reach up and remove the shaft of the weapon from your face, but for some reasons your arms aren't responding. You cease to care in a few moments.
  32. You know you won't die quickly, but after that stab to the gut you can't manage to move. You struggle to hold your intestines in while you slowly die.
  33. You turn to the side and your face is sliced off. You try to scream, but the only sound that you hear is a gurgling rattle.
  34. You finally see the point. It doesn't stop at your eye socket. Anyone standing behind you could quickly tell you what your brain tastes like before you die. (Hint: Chicken)
  35. There is a clang as whatever was in your hand strikes the ground as your arm is severed. Spin around in agony for 1d4 rounds spraying blood on everyone within 5' before death.
  36. Your helm is destroyed and the top of your head is sliced off. You spend your last moments feeling quite strange.
  37. 36+ as 36 

Cold, Fire/Lightning/Energy/Explosion, Teeth and Claws, and Falling/Crushing later this week

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