On a Table for Avoiding Death (Edged and Slashing weapons)

Rules here.
Edged, bladed and sharp weapons:
  1.  (No Entry)
  2. You get a cool scar in the place of your choosing.
  3. The edge scrapes across a knuckle. The stinging pain causes you to drop anything held in that hand. Bleed 1.
  4. You are struck by the flat of the blade and see stars. You are Dazed for 1 round.  
  5. The weapon strikes you cutting through your armor and clothing. You are now indecent. Anyone who attacks you is at a minus equal to your Charisma modifier
  6. The blade comes close enough to your face that you lose some hair. You are Shaken for 1 round.
  7. You take a nasty cut across the shoulder. You are Stunned for 1 round. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  8. A wicked slice to your arm exposes muscle to the bone. Drop anything held in that hand. First Aid: Arm useless. Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  9. This scar will definitely get you laid if you survive.
  10. A vicious chop to your leg is followed by a terrible snap as you feel yourself sag towards the ground. Make a Dexterity check to continue standing, otherwise fall prone. Fractured bones. First Aid: Movement Halved. Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  11. A deep cut slices into your arm, jarring hard against the bone, you count yourself lucky your arm wasn't removed. Drop anything held in that hand. Fractured Bones. First Aid: Arm Useless (Dexterity -2). Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  12. The blade drops behind your guard and tears into your leg scraping across the bone. Your hamstring is severed. Make a Dexterity check to continue standing, otherwise fall prone. Torn Tendons and Ligaments. Bleed 2. Internal Bleed 1. Pain 1. First Aid: Movement Halved (Movement Reduced by a Quarter)
  13. A cut rips open your forehead. Blood gushes down into your eyes. First Aid: Shaken and Blind. Bleed 2.
  14. You jerk your head back, but it's just not far enough. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, the edge of your opponents weapon slices right through your jawbone. Your jawbone is broken and teeth are knocked out. Your mouth is now filled with tooth fragments. Broken Bones. First Aid: Sickened, Difficulty Speaking. Cannot cast spells (Charisma -2). Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  15. You try to block with your hand, but misjudge the distance. You feel a stinging pain in your hand as 1d4 fingers are cut off. Anything held is dropped. Lost Fingers. First Aid: Staggered. Arm is useless. Bleed 1. Pain 1. Lose 1 Dexterity for each lost finger.
  16. You glance to the side and chastise yourself as you completely miss the cruel overhead swipe.If wearing a full helm, it is destroyed. Otherwise, lose an ear. Lost Ear. Checks involving surprise and hearing are cut in half. Pain 1. Bleed 2.
  17. A downward thrust cracks your collarbone. Broken Bones. Permanent -1 to all your statistics. Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  18. The blade snaps into your chest and you feel several ribs break. You are stunned for 1 round. Broken BonesFirst Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1.Internal Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  19. A cut bites deep into your leg and a thick gout of blood flies out as an artery is hit. You fall prone. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1.
  20. Your block left you open and you see a gleam and flash before your head is struck. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, the edge slices open your eye, spilling jelly through the air. You lose an eye. You are stunned for a round. Lost Eye. First Aid: Sickened. Ranged attacks are at -8. No Depth Perception. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  21. A moment of stillness passes as you watch your arm separate from your body, slowly spinning in the air. Roll a 1d6. 1-3 Your hand is severed at the wrist, 4-5 your arm is severed at the elbow. 6 your arm is severed at the shoulder. You are stunned for around. Limb severed. Dexterity cut in half. First Aid: SickenedBleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  22. You feel unbalanced for a moment and stumble as your limb falls to the ground. Roll a 1d6. 1-2 your leg is severed at the ankle, 3-4 your leg is severed at the knee, 5-6 your leg is severed at the hip. You fall prone. Limb severed. Movement cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  23. Your armor, garments, skin, muscles and ribs have all failed you as the edge of your opponents blade slips between them. Fall unconscious. Lung punctured. Lose 1 point of Constitution. First Aid: Die in 2d4 rounds. Bleed 4. Pain 2.
  24. You know what it feels like to be gutted now, as your abdomen is cut open.You die a slow death over the next half-hour. Feel free to collect your guts and genitalia.
  25. Your carotid artery severed and a fountain of blood drenches everyone within 5'. You fall unconscious. Bleed spectacularly to death in 1d4 rounds without aid.
  26. A mighty swing severs the arm across the breastbone. Stumble backwards and die.
  27. Skull cut open, brain cleaved, leaving you with a splitting headache and a serious case of death.
  28. Hit to torso, piercing ribs, heart punctured, busting out all over showing everyone your love. Instant death.
  29. Femoral artery cut wide open. Dead instantly, but you shower blood on anyone standing in front of or behind you 6 glorious rounds.
  30. You collapse in shock from the tremendous pain, grasping at your mortal wound, uncertain of how this could have happened to you!
  31. Cut across abdomen. Guts rejoice at freedom and flee the body. Instant death. 
  32. Your jaw is separated from your face. The pain is overwhelming and you thrash about making a horrible tongueless screaming noise as you die over 1d6 rounds, spraying blood on everyone adjacent.
  33. Hit to midsection cleaves clear to groin, small flap of flesh cannot support body, which collapses. Instant death.
  34. Decapitation. You are stunned and live for 1d3 more segments.
  35. You are neatly split in half, from head to groin; the halves slide uncomfortably down to the floor
  36. You are cut in twain, and if there is a shaft nearby, you fall down it.
  37. 36+ as 36.


    1. Looks like you had fun writing those last 10 or so entries. Great descriptions, "shower blood on anyone standing in front of or behind you [for] 6 glorious rounds." :D

    2. Well, the whole point is to have an entertaining and gory death. All too often when people die, it's "I died" or "You take 27 points of damage". The dice rolling takes some time, but it is *interesting* dice rolling, because A) the results /really matter/ and B) anything that isn't death is a gradation of loss.


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