On a Table for Avoiding Death (Blunt and Crushing weapons)

Rules here
Blunt, crushing and smashing weapons:
  1. (No Entry)
  2. Bash leaves a bruise at a location of the player's choosing
  3. Your knuckles deftly block the blow. Drop anything held in that hand. Pain 1.
  4. You are smote. The whack upside the head leaves you Dazed for 1 round.
  5. The weapon smashes into your foot. You hop around trying to sooth the pain. You are Dazed for 1 round. Make a Dexterity check or drop everything you're holding. If not wearing metal shod boots, First Aid: -1" to Movement. Pain 1.
  6. Your groin is mercilessly clobbered. you double over in pain. You are Sickened for 1 round. Pain 1.
  7. A blow slams into your arm. The shock and impact are overwhelming. You are Stunned for 1 round. Fractured Bones. Pain 1. Internal Bleed 1.
  8. A crushing swipe slams right into your leg. Pain shoots up and down your body from the blow. Fractured Bones. First Aid: Movement Halved. Pain 1. Internal Bleed 1.
  9. Yowza! That tore the skin right open. Scar at the place of the players choosing. Bleed 1.
  10. A solid thwack sounds as your arm is viciously bludgeoned. Pain radiates out from the wound. You are Stunned for a round. Broken Bone. First Aid: Arm Useless (-2 Dexterity). Pain 2. Internal Bleed 1.
  11. There is a solid crunch and a burst of pain as your leg is clubbed. Make a Dexterity check to continue standing, otherwise fall prone. Broken Bone. First Aid: Movement Halved (Movement Reduced by a Quarter). Pain 2. Internal Bleed 1.
  12. Your kneecap is crushed as your leg snaps backward, bending in a way it was never meant to by the gods. You fall prone. Shattered Bone. First Aid: Immobile (Movement Halved). Pain 2. Internal Bleed 1. Bleed 1.
  13. You deftly parry the blow with your face. Blood gushes from your smashed nose. Broken Bone. First Aid: Shaken (-2 Charisma). Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  14. A tremendous swipe crushes your jaw. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. if not, you spit out bone and blood because your jawbone is broken and teeth are knocked out. Broken Bones. First Aid: Sickened, Difficulty Speaking, Cannot Cast Spells (Charisma -2). Bleed 2. Pain 1.
  15. There is a sickening crack as the weapon strikes your hand. 1d4 fingers are bashed to pulp. Anything held is dropped. Lost Fingers. First Aid: Staggered. Arm is useless. Bleed 1. Pain 1. Lose 1 Dexterity for each lost finger.
  16. A crunch you feel more than hear sounds when your opponent strikes your leg. You fall prone. Broken Bones. First Aid: Immobile, Staggered (Movement Reduced by a Quarter). Internal Bleed 2. Bleed 2.
  17. The blow looks week but pain shoots out from  your collarbone. Broken Bones. Permanent -1 to all your statistics. Internal Bleed 2. Pain 2.
  18. Crushing strike to abdomen fractures ribs and damages organs. You taste bitter copper as you vomit blood. Fall prone until you make a successful Constitution check. If you are not wearing armor on your torso,  you are dead in 2d6 rounds. Fractured Bones. First Aid: Sickened. Internal Bleed 3. Pain 2.
  19. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, you feel tearing pain and see stars and your opponent and your shirt as your eye is ripped from your socked and falls, hanging by your optic nerve. You are Stunned for 1 round. Lost Eye. First Aid: Sickened. Ranged attacks are at -8. No Depth Perception. Bleed 1. Pain 1.
  20. Pain explodes down your arm. Roll a 1d6. 1-3 Your hand is crushed at the wrist, 4-5 your arm is crushed at the elbow. 6 your arm is crushed at the shoulder. You are stunned for a round. Limb crushed. Dexterity cut in half. First Aid: SickenedBleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  21. You spin and fall as your leg is crushed and bone splinters blast through your leg. Roll a 1d6. 1-2 your leg is crushed at the ankle, 3-4 your leg is crushed at the knee, 5-6 your leg is crushed at the hip. You fall prone. Limb severed. Movement cut in half. First Aid: Sickened. Bleed 1d4. Pain 1d4.
  22. Crunch! is the last thing you hear before everything goes black. You fall Unconsciouness for 1d6 hours. If you have a full helmet it is knocked off and destroyed. If not, Brain Damage, -2 to Intelligence and Wisdom. Internal bleed 1d4.
  23. That blow really knocked the wind out of you. it is doubly hard to breath because of the broken rib that just punctured your lung. You fall unconscious. Lung crushed. Lose 1 point of Constitution. Internal bleed 1d4.
  24. You feel numb instead of pain. Spine broken. Paralyzed from waist down. You will live, sadly.
  25. You feel strange and wet. Skull shattered. Helm destroyed. You smell tulips. Coma for 1d10 weeks. If no helm, death in 1d10 rounds.
  26. Hip is crushed and boneshards puncture femoral artery. Death is at least quick.
  27. The world spins and your neck is broken. You live another 1d12 rounds as you struggle to breathe.
  28. You stumble as your arm and shoulder are crushed to mid-torso. Bones and wreckage are driven into the torso. All internal organs destroyed. Fall over dead.
  29. Lower torso and hip are crushed. You drop to your kneeds and blood gushes out of your mouth until you die 1d4 rounds later.
  30. That hit didn't seem like much, but the bone driven into your kidney begs to differ. Act normally for the next 1d6 rounds, then die of shock.
  31. Your head is hit from above and is smashed down into your torso. Waddle in tearing pain for 1d4 rounds before finally dying in agony.
  32. Thump to chest explodes heart. Eyes bulge in surprise as you drop to one knee and then fall over to the side, dead.
  33. Hit to leg, breaks it in half. Fall forward shattering wrist as you try to stop yourself from falling. Your head bashes against a rock, caving your skull in. Blood pools around your corpse. Dexterity check at +4 for anyone adjacent to avoid slipping.
  34. Blow strikes skull, explodes like a pumpkin hit with a sledge hammer. Everyone within 5' is covered in brain, blood, and bone.
  35. Head is knocked clean off. Batter up!
  36. A titanic swing breaks close to 50 bones. Instant death and body is pulverized and difficult to move.
  37. 36+ as 36

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