On a Sunday Game and Dinner

Just a quick recap of our wonderful Sunday night.

There was pan seared tuna on spinach with strawberries and mandarin oranges.

Also: I <3 Wine. I think that this is what adulthood means. To drink wine and game with friends. Is there anything better?


Hush, Conan. Your new movie will probably suck.

We played Dominion with the Intrigue Expansion. One of our friends was so excited and having so much fun that she said, no fewer than four times "This is so much fun!" Minor teasing ensued.

There was a short conversation where I pointed out that there are many games that are as fun or more fun then this (this just being the first I decided to try) and was told to be quiet because this was the most fun ever.

I won once, but only on the straight forward game (Thanks Combaticus!).  How could alcohol affect my play? NONSENSE! Still looking for something besides those local peaks of strategy. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. It has no chance of being that I get wrapped up in little side events like using masquerade to get rid of curses (very unsuccessfully, thanks to Melin! Grrrr!)

LOTR: Risk on Tuesday!? More Dominion on Wednesday? When will I have time to blog? Maybe I'll just bring my laptop everywhere.


  1. :D Dominion totally is the best game ever!!!
    Why waste time looking for other games when u could be playing Dominion?

  2. Because, maybe, just maybe, the first game I picked up based on some reviews is just an example of the kind of awesome that's out there?

  3. See what I have to put up with?


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