On Sorrow

The internet has provided these sad fantasy situations that I will now share.
  • An Illithid loses his pet, and now lobotomizes the brains of all thinking creatures in an attempt to make them more like his lost pet.
  • A giant that steals sheep, because he loves how soft they are, yet doesn't understand why they keep dying when he squeezes them.
  • A Medusa that tends to the statue of her lover and talks to it endlessly. She continually promises he'll get better someday and that when that happens they'll travel the world together.
  • An ancient lich has lived too long and fears his eventually conversion to a demi-lich. Too weak to destroy himself, he begs the adventurers to destroy his phylactery.
  • A room with a statue and a mirror. Upon closer inspection it is discovered that the statue is a statue of a Medusa. 
  • The ghost of a small girl wanders a hallway. She says nothing in except that her dog is a bad doggie, and that's the end of it. In a room farther along, a dog creature (cerebus, werewolf, hellhound, dog etc.) is found chained to the floor, whining and crying with nothing but bits of cloth on the ground and in its teeth, similar to the clothing the ghost wore.
  • A room full of decaying corpses in the jaws of sprung traps. One has scrawled his will in blood on the back of a map that leads to the dungeon.
  • A great warbeast sits at the gate every day. When asked why it sits there, people say it is waiting for it's master to return. His master died long ago, in a campaign of war.
  • At the top of an tower abandoned long ago, lies a cozy fire and the image of a family relaxing together. Two small boys are playing with toys and the youngest girl sits on her mother's lap by the fire. A skeleton in an armchair is nearby that the little girl repeatedly asks "Will you tell me a story daddy?". Nearby 4 well kept graves reside.
  • A forest has grown out of control. At the center of this forest, sits a crying dryad on the rotted dead stump of a once great tree. When asked what's wrong, she says that she's doing the best she can, but she can't get mr. sycamore to wake up, even using her strongest magic.
  • A golem or machine man digging endlessly into a mountain to save his long dead comrades. He ignores any comments about the futility of his task.
  • A peaceful mated pair of undead (vampires, or other humanoid undead) desperately wants children, but all attempts end in stillbirth.
  • A cloaker wants nothing more then to be considered the height of fashion. No one will believe him.
  • A dragon has worked tirelessly to accumulate a huge horde and create an impenetrable fortress and now, in his old age, he finds himself lonely and will gladly give away treasure to anyone who will stay and talk with him.
Part II is here.


    1. I like the notion of mad medusae. Suicidal ones are good too. Perhaps seven sisters, each with their own peculiar neurosis in some kind of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers tragic redux?

      Fun stuff -c ...Very inspiring. :)

    2. Heh. More come in the morrow. Feel free to draw attention to them. :-)

    3. Every single one of these is top-notch. Thank you.


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