On Sorrow Part II

More sadness; See part I here.
  • A man searches for a way to bring his family back to life. The task takes him many years, so finally he becomes a lich to insure his success. Finally after long work, he finds a way to return them to life, but he locks this secret away within himself then shuts himself away into so that he may mourn eternally. The most essential component in the ritual is the blood shed willingly by a loved one, and his veins have long since gone dry.
  • A nymph is convinced she is the ugliest person in existence because all who look at her are struck blind by her beauty. She constructs mask after mask she believes are more beautiful than her face.
  • A mutated aboleth is born that is capable of feeling loss and regret. With his endless memory he begins to construct a sculpture symbolizing everything he has lost or regretted. He stopped long ago, because the ocean was too small to contain he sorrow.
  • An undead maintains the defacement of his final resting place. He knows that if anyone were to come and clean it in his memory, then his life had meaning. On that day he may pass on.
  • A child lives in the sewers, her parents killed in an inquisition when they were young. She comes out only at night to feed on small rats or other animals eaten raw. She watches her old friends play in the streets during the day from the shadows. She dearly wishes to play with them, but the sun hurts her so much, and she always feels so cold. . .
  • A living weapon that has committed countless atrocities, and all it wants is to be destroyed, but it is too well constructed.
  • A wizard turns to the dark arts to live forever. His wife heartbroken by his deafness to her pleas, finally leaves him. He eventually becomes a lich and continues his research into immortality, hoping to resurrect himself when he finds the secret. One day an adventurer like so many before him enters his lair. Like all the others, he is quickly slain. He searches the body as he always does, looking for magic and scrolls. Instead he finds a diary, within it says "Today, I seek out the tomb of my father who fell into darkness. If only I can free his soul from torment, I will have redeemed our family."
  • On winter nights, a small child comes and begs the shopkeepers for a bundle of wood. Each gives her a specially prepared bundle of twigs and says the same thing. "It's not much, but take it. Would that I have given it to you yesterday". Each morning at dawn the shopkeepers gather and travel at dawn into the woods near a small unmarked grave, where they gather the bundles in preparation for the day.
  • A legendary dwarf warrior stayed behind to fight an unwinnable battle in order to secure his allies freedom by giving them enough time to escape from a far realm. Against all odds, he won the battle, and now wanders endlessly denied even a warriors death.
  • An elf bargains his immortal soul with a devil to save his daughters life. Later, he learns that although she lives, she is in constant pain, and is unable to end her life, despite her repeated attempts.
  • A sphinx toils away at every library she can find, her parents having died before they told her the answer to the family riddle.
  • A dragon is destroying a nearby forest. Upon approaching the lair, they discover all living things have been torn from the ground. The dragon tends the funeral pyre of his mate, one he refuses to let the die.

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  1. Nice collection of adventure seeds. I particularly liked the "On winter nights, a small child comes" one.


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