On a Request for Help

I have a couple of requests.

First, I'm interested in purchasing some (more) OSR material. I'm particularly interested in magazine release compliations. I already have Knockspell 1-3 and Oddities 1-4. Any others around? I'm interested primary in resource works (monsters, tables, magic items, etc.) but am more then willing to purchase an adventure if it is A) megadungeon oriented, or B) contains many plot hooks for the start of a campaign. I already own the Dungeon Alphabet.

Secondly, I remember reading an article on the blogsphere a long time ago about a d6 skill system for OD&D. I am having trouble locating it. Any links to this or other posts on skills is appreciated.

Third, I'm always on the lookout for random tables to add to my random table list. Any listing or suggestions in the comments, or e-mailed to me at 'valis at oook dot cz' is met with gratitude.

I think that's all for now.


  1. Realms of Crawling Chaos (RPGNow)
    Miscellaneum of Cinder (lulu)
    Majestic Wilderlands (both)
    Carcosa (soon on LotFP)

  2. Ah, What are all those?

    Also: I'm specifically looking for print products, but if a pdf is good enough. . .

  3. Hm, I've posted some random tables on my Underworld Kingdom blog, and there will be more of them :-)

  4. RoCC - cthulhu mythos for the LL
    Miscellaneum - LOTS of random tables ($1 pdf!)
    Majestic Wilderlands - campaign setting + house rules
    Carcosa - as above?
    Sorry for double (triple) posts.

  5. The other big OSR magazine is Fight On!. You'll find a lot of what you're looking for in back-issues of that one.

    Hmmm... but no compilations listed for that one. Maybe they should think about that.

  6. I asked Calithena (Fight On!) about that and he said they only run those as specials, so I'm waiting for my next opportunity.

  7. Miscellaneum of Cinder is also available as a book, I'm sure you have heard of the author. They had released a Fight On compilation but it was a limited print. Yeah, they need to bring it back!

  8. Actually, you should submit some of your stuff to Fight On! You'll then get a contributor pdf of the issue, and can see how much you like the contents.

    Sham had an article on a simple d6 task resolution system for OD&D in Fight On! number 4. The Free PDF of LotFP has Mr. Raggi's d6 based skill system. Personally, I really like the Good At system:


    Have you checked out Monsters of Myth yet? Free download, or Lulu print version. As for Megadungeons, Michael Curtis' Stonehell is well worth picking up.

  9. http://www.talesofthefroggod.com/index.php/products/swords-and-wizardry-legacy-products

    Random tables -

    Mythmere's Adventure Design Deskbook vol 1 and 2 are still available. I think they may be planning on re-doing this series in a different edition/release, but I'm not sure of that. Anyway, awesome, awesome tables.

  10. Look up Age of Fables if you haven't seen his site. Amazing random table resource.

    BTW: Your Empty room document just blew my f'ing mind! Thanks!

  11. Is this what you were looking for, -C? Seems interesting, even if it isn't precisely what you were talking about.


  12. Necromancer Games' Mother of all Treasure Tables is one of the best books they ever published, and is well-worth picking up in any format. Toolbox 1 and 2 are good table resources too (both published by AEG); most folks seem to like T2 better because it's bigger, but I found the content in T1 to be stronger, overall.

    Eureka might also strike your fancy (501 plot tables, divided across SF, Fantasy, and Horror), perhaps.


  13. I am almost certain that Skills: The Middle Road is *exactly* the post I was looking for! Thanks!

    What happened was I found the (most excellent link) and since there was no follower box, and the blog hadn't been updated in 1 millyarn years, I never got around to following it. When I went looking through my link list for that post, I could never find it.

    Thank you so much!

  14. I'm glad I could help.

    I notice that this morning Gorgonmilk has his own 'd6' skill system up. You've started a trend!!


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