On Never Being Able to Find a Table When You Need One II

New list - This time for non-random tables. (Otherwise known as lists) First Article is here.

Dungeon Diversions (12 items, Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons & Dragons)
Botanical Treasures (10 items, Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons & Dragons)
100 Problems and Setups (Playing Dungeons & Dragons with Porn Stars)
Consolation-Prize Based Weapon Mechanics (Jeff's Gameblog)
Art of Description (Alexandrian)
Action, Target, Location (D&D with Porn Stars)
Unwelcome Guests (ABRAXAS)
FLAILSNAILS: Class Compendium (A Wizard's Kiss)

Obviously a repository for what I find.


  1. I am totally with you. Care to join this potential project?

    Since you have already done most of the digging!

  2. Here it is

    You keen?

  3. I have my own space here. Your project seems fine, but I'm up to my eyeballs in my own work.

  4. No problem - time is always short. I have linked your cool spellbook traps and dungeon entrances into the wiki - so hopefully even more can see your stuff!

  5. Looks like you've got some good support for the site already. :-)


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