On Megadungeon.net

Does anyone know what happened to this site? There's a FAQ written on March 10, 2010 saying updates will be regular, and then an update on March 17, 2010, and then nothing.

Is this dead or just in hibernation?


  1. There's a contact hidden in the faqs under help. It is Mr. Maliszewski's email from Grognardia.

    I still hope it's only in hibernation... because the stuff that is up looks promising.

  2. I know it's an adjunct of Rogue games. I just wonder why updates stopped. I doubt it was due to content. . .

  3. I think the point was that people would be sending in contributions, not that James was going to write it all himself.

  4. Yes, that is what I am saying. The last posts indicate that there is more content waiting to be put up.

  5. James is a nice chap, but I think the reason that project was started was that he got all agitated that Monte Cook dared to charge money to show people what a megadungeon was, when we wasn't part of the community. Even if that's a bit pointed and a bit unfair, I think the fact that the project had died a silent death is kind of telling.

    I sent in a submission which haven't seen the light of day, and while it might not have been very good I don't think I saw much posted from many different people. Surely somebody more than me must have sent something in.

    I think the thing could have become something cool, even if started for silly reasons. But, in that case it should have had things like Monte's dungeon, like essays about the design and so on.

    That was a far longer comment than I intended it too be.

  6. If there are unpublished submissions, why not hand it off to someone in the OSR?

    It *is* a good idea, as evidenced by Monte's continued profitability, and better for us to do it right - instead of Monte's broken model of 'an encounter in every room'.


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