On Examples of Mega-Dungeon Zone Names Using the Table

A Bakers Dozen examples using Hamete as the die roller.

  1. The Lethal Mural
  2. The Black Elegant Solar
  3. The Foredoomed Ivory Treasury
  4. The Forgotten Arch of Hieroglyphs
  5. The Mystical Door of Steep Death
  6. The Incredible Building of Turquoise Swords
  7. The Fatal Unstable Claws
  8. The Baneful Adamantium Kobolds
  9. The Hidden Delicate Dirt Fungus
  10. The Center of Knives
  11. The Asylum of Disagreeable Endless Gold
  12. The Bestiary of Brick Illusion
  13. The Chapel of Heartless Wool Souls
All Random!

More Randomness from my Tablesmith File.

The Forgotten Diamond Judgement
The Icy Mine of Pale Vision
The Incandescent Stair of Walnut Claws
The Blessed Pale Vision
The Divine Pearl Horror
The Mystical Corrupted Door
The Drab Fur Forge
The Sublime Harem of Ice Metals Alchemy
The Abominable Emerald Mechanism
The Citadel of Quixotic Desire
The Mine of Green Lace Gold
The Dim Small Hands
The Arsenal of Redundant Ordeal
The Golden Cherry Zeal
The Hideous Decrepit Tin Vision
The Divine Impenetrable Pewter Calamity
The Cryptic Fire Desire
The Primal Catcombs of Pewter Sorcery

Too cool.

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