On DCC RPG and Vancian Magic

The DCC role playing game information keeps rolling out, and I like it. The open public playtest can't come soon enough.

This link describing the magic system is here.

A summary of the high points:
  • Basic magic is cast using a 'spell check' of 1d20+caster level+spellcasting stat
  • 1 is a critical failure, a 2-11ish causes you to lose the spell, and increasingly high values increase the power of the spell.
  • You can 'spellburn' and sacrifice both in and out of game resources (physical stats along with role playing bargains) to increase the power of spells.
  • You may sacrifice a spellslot to gain the ability to call upon a patron.
  • Spells are mercurial, meaning your character interacts with every spell uniquely due to their heritage or the stars. 
All I can say is that I look forward to it. It really seems to mechanically capture the best of  the style of magic present in fantasy writings. I certainly want it to be the system I use for my next (megadungeon) campaign. I'm especially excited about the opportunity for random table goodness. It also seems to address a lot of the issues with wizards in general, making the class more of a wild card, and less of a win button, which has always been a problem with d20 systems.

It's a good read, I suggest checking it out.

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