On Age

It's my birthday today! Having a party this weekend!

I have a personal message to everyone I'd like to share!

“The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death.” -  Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Secondly, the content you have produced here is top-notch. I raved about your TREASURE pdf a while back:


    Just downloaded PSIONICS and TRICKS today. Honestly I'm not sure why you don't have five times the amount of followers you do given the amount of time and quality material that you pump into these projects. Don't be discouraged and please continue to share your work with us!



    And just a note to say I'd love to vote in the blog content poll, but you only offer a choice of black or white. If you added a third option "both", that's where I'd put my vote.

  3. Happy Birthday - And Courtney, your stuff is top notch! I didn't know about your GA1, but I'll be mentioning it in Sunday's News post! Fantastic work!

  4. Wishing you a most Happy Happy Birthday.

  5. Good thing you were born! (And I'd have to vote the both option too if it were present)

  6. I think the poll being black and white is part of the point - if you had to pick one.

  7. Sorry -C, in my opinion that makes it a loaded poll and therefore not accurate. I would be lying if I picked one over the other, as I honestly read and enjoy blogs for both categories equally.

  8. I could have spent more time on the way the question was worded, but the idea was to force an Ipsative comparison - i.e. not one based on comparisons between people, but on the functional value of blogs and why people read them.

    On the other hand, it's just a silly poll.


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