On the First Look at the Rim of the Sky (Skyrim Trailer Review/Breakdown/Analysis)

Who's excited?


The link above contains actual gameplay footage. I have to say I'm happy. It looks like an Elder Scrolls game. The modded copy of Oblivion I'm running has a similar visual fidelity (it looks like they are doing good things with textures). I understand the engine will add several new features (accumulating snow, etc.)

Go watch and download!

For the total Elder Scrolls Geeks, breaking it down by scene:

00:11 It appears that perhaps fly and levitate may make a return? This clearly is taken from the perspective of the flying dragon.

00:18 The head bob in this running seems overly violent. Is this perhaps a gameplay fix to the ever popular 'run backwards' survival technique?

00:27 Nice nod to Oblivion. Apparently this takes place about 200 years after the last game (a bit of a nice change, because Oblivion took place fairly soon after the end of Morrowind - soon enough for people to mention the nerevarine.)

00:29 Shadows look about the same as in previous game. Plants and trees look to have about the same complexity as in oblivion. Again, I express hope that they actually add in the plants disappearing after they are harvested, instead of having to mod it in. I would sincerely like to play this Elder Scrolls on a console.

00:36: Game engine Cut-scene? I'm having trouble imagining when you would take the perspective of the dragon; perhaps you turn into one? The hands held out in front when you reach the ledge, I initially thought was what happened when you're falling. Perhaps there's an animation that triggers when you're near the edge? Regardless, I've jumped off higher places in-game.

00:45 Dragon Shadow. Seriously, just Dragon Shadow. Can you imagine? We huddle through life, but we will never know how alive a man can feel when caught starkly in the mighty ancient shadow of avarice.

01:09 Dragonspeech looks awesome, and seriously, the sound integration between the speech effect and the background music is beautiful. I hope when they make the Elder Scrolls movie, that the Elder Scrolls team is in charge of the nifty parts like that. (Should leave character scripting to someone else though, they'd have the same 4 dudes running around playing all the different parts).

01:13 That very much looks like Nordic architecture - very similar to Cloud Temple and Bruma in style. They said the style between the Colovian, Nibenese, and Nordic areas was too subtle, so perhaps this is their attempt to fix that? Again, Nordic at 01:17.

01:21 That mill looks awesome. The moving parts make me wonder about what I *didn't* see in this video which was Dewmer Ruins. I know they should be all over the place in Skyrim.

01:25 This makes me think that even though they say it's a 'new' engine, it's clearly built up from gamebryo. That water is Elder Scrolls river water for sure.

01:27 I chuckle at the guy carrying the basket looking at the guard. The guy standing up on the right though, gives me hope for more natural movement. Little bit of bowlegged walking though, for sure. The giant is impressive, but after running these overhauls in Oblivion, I get pretty wild size variations in most normal creatures, and have fought more than one or two hill giants. Still, glad to see they are in the base game.

01:29 Oh sneak animation, don't ever change.

01:31 Some of these montages scenes seem to be cut-scenes in the game-engine.  This is fine. running water, giant, walking through town, dragon biting man (cut-scene), player with spell and sword equipped attacking a troll, assassination in a tavern which I initially thought was a cut-scene, but it appears that maybe it's 3rd person mode of actual gameplay. That tavern is beautiful by the way, check out the ivory chandelier over on the right. Axe smash tied to the music, hitting a dragon (cut-scene?), using a staff in a cave with more water effects. Fighting a man in 3rd person, some sort of magic trick (cut-scene), attacking a dragon, approaching some magical energy, archery don't ever change, casting magic against some skeletons. The skeletal models seem more . . . substantial then they have in previous versions. Stabbing some dude in the gut. This is a possible finishing move system? Getting knocked down as a dragon flies over you? Sneaking in some ruins. Now I'm looking at those ruins, and man, they sure look a bit like Ayleid ruins. Perhaps they are updated Dwemer Ruins? Hitting a sweet looking giant spider. The monster detail seems greatly improved. Lots of the little hairs effect on both the giant man and spider. Finally the cut-scene of killing the dragon.

02:00 This appears to be some sort of 'gain a new power when you kill a dragon' bit, which is fine by me. I imagine it's tied into the 'shout' system.

02:20 Nice wide shot, seems like no issues with fog or draw distance. I'm betting these are from a computer though. Wonder how the PS3/360 versions will look. (I'm in a circle of grass!)

Looking forward to 11.11.11!

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