On Dungeons & Dragons in the Community

Hey all, this is my belated review of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons episode of Community. I would have written this earlier, but I work in a hospital and what with the snow and weather, was stuck at work for three days.

I'll have this review open to record my thoughts as I watch.

On the opening: Bully on the Lord of the Rings narration style. Also Darleks, Watchmen, Uncharted, AND Kick-puncher is a barrel of win.

The most awesome is the second printing first edition Dungeon Masters Guide, of course. Thank science for old school!

Britta the Needlessly Defiant. At this point I'm overwhelmed with a sense of well-being. This nee serious comedic style is vastly underutilized in modern entertainment and vastly rewarding.

The reworked opening music is excellent.

How excellent is the introduction where there is no product placement, a color accurate 1st edition adventure mock-up, and the description of how the game is played in the imagination! Abed's opening description where he explicitly gives the players their goal indicates a style of game that provides focus for the players at the cost of reduced immersion. An excellent summary for those who have never been exposed before. What I think is most important, is that it is an accurate summary, clearly written by those that have played the game before.

Also: Contrary to the opinion of many in the blogosphere, the Dungeon Master Rolling all the dice is a totally valid style of play.

I like that fact that unlike in a real game, the players stick with what they say they do. They aren't asking for take-backs, and there are real consequences for their actions.

The box of Dungeons and Dragons stuff Pierce looks through appears to contain a Fiend Folio and a copy of Oriental Adventures. There is also a copy of UK3 "The Gauntlet" in the box.

Strangely enough the table appears to contain a copy of a 4th edition book of some kind.

The ending was good. This was better than any presentation of Dungeons & Dragons I've seen in the media. I enjoyed it. Community certainly is all over the place with the quality of episode style, so to see this be one of their more successful episodes (the bit with Britta interviewing the gnome was priceless) is excellent.

"I won Dungeons & Dragons and it was Advanced!"

Places this episode can be seen:
Hulu (for a limited time)

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  1. I would also like to say, that although I was late with this review, I was clearly one of the first to break the news about this episode. Not that anyone took notice.


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